Produced Machine to Stop Imports in Railway Sector

produced a machine to stop import in the railway sector
produced a machine to stop import in the railway sector

Adnan Menderes University (ADU) Vocational Instructor Mehmet Aydin Basically, with the support of KOSGEB imported from Turkey will make the bearing inner ring assembly-disassembly machine has overtaken the foreign dependency.

the first railway line was made in Turkey between Izmir-Aydin. Generating devices being imported in Turkey, not the principle itself is basic, 18 years ago, he said that the move has scored entered the name of the project in the industrial sector.

Aydin HedefAccording to the report of Abdurrahman Fırat from; “Big investments are made by the public and private institutions not only in regional and intercity transportation but also in the railway sector for transportation. property in Turkey TCDD of 18 thousand 607 units, 3 units are a total of 491 thousand freight cars, including 22 thousand 98 pieces belonging to the private sector. With the increased wagons in the railway sector, the need for machinery and equipment also increased. Was lecturer Basically, the railway sector to be imported "bearing inner ring assembly-disassembly machine" intends to make in the way of Turkey's foreign dependence.

After completing Selcuk University Mechanical Engineering Department, Temel worked as a manufacturing engineer, R&D engineering and R&D manager, and went to Adnan Menderes University in 2014 to pursue a doctorate. One of Temel's goals was to do a doctorate and the other was to establish a company, to make the equivalent of imported products and to prevent imports. After moving to university, Temel started his doctorate study. PhD advisor Assoc. Dr. Stating that with the support of Pınar Demircioğlu, he started to work on a very heavy-duty railroad material, Temel decided to establish the company as a result of negotiations with two large corporate companies in December 2018. He established his company at Adnan Menderes Teknoloji Geliştirme A.Ş. (ADÜ Teknokent) by presenting a 24-month project to make a test device needed in the railway industry. As soon as Temel started his company, he started project work with those two corporate companies. He asked no one in Turkey at the level of manufacturing firms, imports will be 'bearing inner ring assembly-disassembly machine' asked. Temel, who foresees that we can do this, has prepared a project named 'Developing hydraulic driven railway wheel bearings assembly disassembly system'. Temel said, “We applied for R&D support of KOSGEB. KOSGEB supported our project. ”

Emphasizing that the railway sector is a very virgin sector, Temel emphasized the establishment of new private firms, and explained the project of "Developing hydraulic driven rail wheel bearing assembly disassembly system" supported by KOSGEB.

Stating that 6 or 7 of these machines are needed for Turkey in the first place, Temel said, “The wagon and locomotive wheels weigh one and a half tons. The machine, which is easy to use, sensitive, capable of both assembly and disassembly, modular for different wheel types, portable and capable of verifying whether the assembly of the bearings is done within the standards, was only available abroad, except for the verification feature. So it had to be imported. If one of our first customers had not met with us and bought our project, he would have definitely imported it from abroad. We produced a domestic machine with the support of KOSGEB. Our hydraulically driven railway wheel bearing assembly and disassembly machine is used in railcar and locomotive maintenance workshops in the railway sector. It is used in wheel manufacturing factories. The price of this machine abroad is around 30 Euros. Our goal is to go into mass production and produce at one third of the price abroad. This is a blessing for our country. kazanWe will be the ones who determine the current value by giving a price that will be three and a third," he said.

Temel said, “KOSGEB has become a very important institution for our company to take steps. Because we bought the computer we designed for the analysis and verification of the machine we designed with the support of KOSGEB. We purchased the CAD program we designed with the support of KOSGEB. At the same time, we determined the errors in the sources with the ultrasonic inspection device we received with the support of KOSGEB during the manufacture of the machine we designed and prototype. With the support of KOSGEB, we made an extremely high level device in terms of engineering. This device we have made is not a device under its counterpart in Europe, but even above it. With this device, we will analyze at which speeds the assembly and disassembly of the bearings are safer. With the support of KOSGEB, we received 75 percent of the materials we use in the manufacture of this device. Normally, it is not a machine that everyone can dare to do without KOSGEB support. Because there is risk. With the support of KOSGEB, we took this risk. After all, we were successful. We made the machine. At the moment, we have delivered the machine to the company that ordered the trials. With the support of KOSGEB, we have opened a curtain in the rail sector. ”

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