Channel Istanbul surprise for President Erdoğan on his birthday!

IMM's Explanation on Kanal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol
IMM's Explanation on Kanal Istanbul Cooperation Protocol

A great surprise will be made to Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the tender date for the Kanal Istanbul project. The channel Istanbul tender date, which we gave to the day before, made the comment that Erdogan will explain it in the past days. Boxer Magazine Channel Istanbul tender date was reached by the channels close to it again.

Kanal Istanbul tender date is on Erdoğan's birthday!

President Erdoğan decided to open a tender on the day of Erdogan's birthday for Kanal Istanbul, which he named as the project of the century. The date thought to be a gift to President Erdogan is February 26, 2020!

Birthday surprise for Erdogan!

It was announced to President Erdogan that they wanted to hold the Kanal Istanbul tender on his birthday. Erdogan, in a statement on a TV channel;

They removed the garbage mountains, then that the wild storage, they have passed the modern storage of wild storage that expresses Erdogan, due to air pollution in the newspapers reminded of distributing masks.

President Erdoğan stated that when he went to prison, they reached to 1 million 250 thousand households but this number was 50 thousand households while he took over the duty and continued his speech as follows:

“The garbage mountain exploded in Ümraniye, 39 of our citizens died there. That's why we call it trash, pit, mud. Not only that CHP management is local, there is corruption, there is absence, there are bans. This is the definition of the CHP mentality. On the contrary, it is our municipality spirit in the local government. This is what we do. The steps we have taken since then are obvious. In the simplest way, may Allah have mercy on him, the first bridge with the late Demirel, the second bridge with the late Özal, we made the third bridge. But we also said, 'We are not going under the sea again'. We made Marmaray under the sea. 'It is not just a rail system, let's make the Eurasia Tunnel for the tire system.' we said. We also built the Eurasia Tunnel. Under the sea, we have connected Europe and Asia in two ways with tube passages. This is the AK Party's soul in local government. Imagine Osmangazi Bridge in the same way and now it will drop from Istanbul to Izmir to 1 hours and 2 minutes. Çanakkale Bridge continues as well. It is currently ongoing rapidly. I hope we will hold the tender about Kanal Istanbul this year. Projects are ready and so on. He will add a different wealth to our Istanbul. And a three-story line. Two rubberized, one railed floors. Kanal Istanbul was almost prepared as a different project in the world after Suveyş, Panaman. The project is amazing. Hopefully it will add a different richness to both sides and will add a different beauty to our Istanbul since it is a project that will have a naturally planned structure.

The tender date for Kanal Istanbul is expected to be made on February 26, 2020. It will be with you as soon as the net date is published.

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