Çiğli Municipality Did Not Forget Students in Cold Weather

cigli municipality didn't forget university students in cold weather
cigli municipality didn't forget university students in cold weather

Cigli Mayor Utku Gumrukcu, Izmir Katip Celebi University during the final exams in order to support students to meet the need for transportation and distribution of hot soup ordered.

Çiğli Mayor Utku Gumrukcu started a study to ensure that the students of Izmir Katip Celebi University did not walk about one kilometer from Izkent Egekent exit to the campus during the final exams. The President also provided the distribution of hot soup at the university during the finals to warm the students' interior in cold weather. Reminding that they cooperate with İzmir Katip Çelebi University, which is one of the important universities of İzmir, on many subjects and signed many protocols together. Dr. We have very good communication with Saffet Köse, university administration and students. We always refer to the academic recommendations of our university in the works we do and want to do. In addition, as a municipality, we are trying to meet the needs of our university and students within our authority and means. At the moment, the biggest problem is the distance between Izban Egekent Station and the campus. We work closely with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to solve the station problem. But for the time being, during the final exams, we put ring flights between the exit of Izban Egekent Durağı Balatçık Quarter and the campus so as not to catch a cold. We carry our students for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon ”.

President Gümrükçü: “Hot soup attracted attention”

Reminding that they started serving hot soup to cool the students with the cooling of the weather, President Customs continued his words as follows: sabah In this cold weather, our students warmed up in the morning and make sure that they do not neglect to make breakfast during the exam, we said we do hot soup during the finals. Our rector allowed us to distribute on campus. He has a really sensitive and caring approach and I thank him. Today, in the morning, I got off at Egekent stop with İzban and boarded the students. We talked about your needs. I wanted to offer them soup. University Secretary General Mr. Nurettin Memur and Assoc. Yasin Bulduklu welcomed us. We offered soup to our students together. ”

Thanks from the students

İzmir Katip Çelebi University students expressed their satisfaction with the ring service and hot soup service. The students said, nedeniyle Because of our finals, we study until morning. During these days when the weather got very cold, we walked one kilometer after the Izban stop. We were very happy to learn that the service was put into service from last week. On top of that, a warm soup was warmed. We really thank Utku Mayor ”.


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