Channel Istanbul's Sterilization Claim

overlooking turhan channel istanbul guzergahi determined
overlooking turhan channel istanbul guzergahi determined

Stating that the organic load coming to Marmara Sea will have great effects with the construction of Channel Istanbul. Dr. Cemal Saydam said that a smell similar to the one in the Golden Horn would emerge.

After the “Channel Istanbul Workshop ği organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), Prof.Dr. Dr. Cemal Saydam made statements to ANKA. Saydam explained that Hydrogen Sulphide (H₂S) gas, which will emerge under the influence of Kanal Istanbul, will have consequences that will affect the entire Marmara Region.


According to the figures taken from the EIA report, 21 kilometers of extra cargo will come to the Marmara Sea, indicating that one-tenth of that will be organic cargo, Saydam said that the sea floor that suffers from oxygen cannot handle this load. With the effects of the public 'rotten egg smell' known as the release of the hydrogen sulfide gas Saydam said, “Unfortunately, the human nose, even if the smell of rotten eggs in one million feels. It is an unbearable, unbearable odor. Those who know the Old Golden Horn know. Those who know the flag of the old Izmir knows. Measures are always taken to eliminate this odor. After you smell the Sea of ​​Marmara, 'Aa made a mistake, let's go back', once this does not. How much time? No more 10 years. What does 10 thousand years mean? In 10 thousand years, the entire Marmara Region goes by our hand. ”

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