Ice Holding Water Resources Opened at Çambaşı Plateau

water sources holding ice on the highland
water sources holding ice on the highland

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to improve winter tourism and make Ordu livable for four seasons, providing solutions to the problems of citizens in Kabadüz.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration (OSKI), tourism attraction center Çambaşı plateau and ice-cold water resources in the cleaning work did.

Opportunities are mobilized

Metropolitan Municipality, which works to improve nature facilities, attracts attention with bungalows and supports the construction of 5-star hotels, mobilizes all facilities in the district.


Realizing that the water coming from the warehouses in Kabadüz district decreased, the teams reached the water supply in 17 hours from Çambaşı Plateau in 5 hours, and closed and kept the ice clean. Following the studies, water flow in Kabadüz district and Çambaşı Plateau was returned to normal.

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