Bursaray Will Reduce Electricity Bill With Solar Energy

bursaray will provide electricity from the sun
bursaray will provide electricity from the sun

Bursa's rail public transportation business will use solar energy to take down the electricity bill.

Bursa'S rail public transportation In business, electricity to take down the invoice sun energy will be utilized.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipalityconnected to Bursa Transportation Inc. (BURULAŞ), with a process initiated 'Solar Power Plant' (GES) will establish.

In this way…

BursaRay's monthly average 3 million TL the electricity bill around, sixth will fall.

This ratio…

Monthly 500 thousand TL means savings.

For the implementation of the project…

In particular, factors such as prolonged sunbathing and ease of transportation, mountain prefered.

from districts Orhaneliis a village with former status Söğüt In the neighborhood, Korucak has been selected.

Project cost…

900 thousand TL!

The project, which will convert solar energy into electricity, is the 2nd largest application of Bursa, 5 MW power.

Property of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality…

Integrated land consisting of different parcels will be used.


86 thousand 180 square meters Area, 18 thousand 181 panels To be placed.

BURULAS GES In business ...

The amount of electricity above the monthly consumption of BursaRay, it will also make money by giving money to the country network.


Most efficient for generating electricity from solar energy; Southeastern Anatolia RegionHowever, some regions in the north also carry productivity.

Uludag'of belirli circles ...

Bursa, luck is forming!

Total electricity generated from solar energy 7 facility, while BURULAS, 8.will be established.

Affiliated to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality BUSKİ in…

LotusWherein Özlüce Wastewater Treatment Plantfor the needs of 0,22 MW power GHGhad been established.

Source: Serkan İnceoğlu- Bursa)


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