Bursa Smart Junction Applications Save 17 Million TL Fuel

bursa smart intersection applications saved million TL of fuel
bursa smart intersection applications saved million TL of fuel

Thanks to the smart intersection applications of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, with the shortening of waiting times at the intersections, 17 million TL of fuel was saved in a year.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works such as road widening and new roads, promoting public transportation, rail system signaling optimization, in order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, both breathes the traffic and enables citizens to make significant savings, especially with smart intersection applications. Within the scope of the traffic emergency action plan prepared immediately after the Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş started to work in Bursa, the intersections were handled first and smart touches were started immediately to shorten the waiting times at the intersections. In this context, Esentepe, Otosansit, Tuna Caddesi FSM Boulevard, Beşevler, Emek-Besaş, Çalı HafizeHatun Mosque, İnegöl AVM, Orhaneli, Police School, İnegöl Municipality, Gökdere, Mihraplı-Akpınar Caddesi, Gürsu, İnegöl Adliye, İnegöl Bedresu While the islands located in the middle of Specialization, Yıldırım Sports Complex and Kent Square intersections were removed, the waiting areas of the vehicles to return were expanded and thus the traffic flowed more rapidly.

Big savings

The vehicle measurements made before the arrangement at Gürsu Junction showed that the project saves drivers, saves fuel and reduces the carbon dioxide emission significantly by decreasing the waiting time. While the average red light waiting time was 125 seconds for vehicles using the junction before the arrangement, the average red light waiting time was 25 seconds in the new system. Considering the intersection of 50 thousand vehicles daily, the vehicles were prevented from waiting at idle for 1389 hours daily, thereby saving 8125 TL per day and approximately 2 million 965 thousand 625 TL per year. In addition, in parallel with the reduction of idle time, the vehicles were provided to emit 4 tons less CO2 per week. Considering 18 intersections with smart intersection, 17 million 33 thousand TL fuel saving was achieved in one year while 1168 tons less carbon dioxide emission was achieved.

We receive serious satisfaction

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that Bursa is a city that is gathered on the 30-35 kilometer line from Kestel to the west of Nilüfer, and that there are problems related to transportation and traffic due to rapid growth. Reminding that the intersections at the district entrance points also have negative effects on the traffic flow, President Aktaş said, “We question all district entrance points and intersections up to Gürsu, Kestel, Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Nilüfer and even Karacabey and Mustafakemalpaşa in the west. We shorten the time intervals at the intersection with our work. Thus, we provide not only time savings but also fuel savings. According to our calculations, approximately 1 million pounds of fuel was saved in the last year. We will see that together with the completion of the rail system B study, the interest in public transportation will increase, so that the relief in traffic will be even more noticeable. We receive serious satisfaction from our citizens with the work we have done so far. ”

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