BTSO 2020 First Assembly Meeting was Held

First assembly meeting of btso year was held
First assembly meeting of btso year was held

The first assembly meeting of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2020 was held. BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay stated that TEKNOSAB, which is the symbol of the new industrial revolution, has been progressing rapidly in 4 years, and said, "We will start factory construction in 20 in TEKNOSAB, the first organized industrial zone established in Bursa in the last 2020 years."

BTSO January Assembly Meeting was held in the Chamber Service Building. Mayor Burkay, who said that they were conducting aid campaigns for the earthquake in Malatya and Elazig as Bursa business world, thanked the companies that supported the campaign for their sensitivity.


Stating that a year in which protectionism policies increased rapidly on a global scale, President Burkay said that Bursa preserves its economic performance despite all the difficulties.

Expressing that Bursa's biggest advantage is its foreign trade power, President Burkay said, “Bursa provides 44% of its power in the economy from foreign trade. Bursa, which realized 15.8 billion dollars of export last year, is a city with 7 billion dollars of foreign trade surplus. Our city has succeeded in increasing its exports, albeit 1-2 points, in a period when the foreign trade in the world has narrowed. Our Global Fair Agency, UR-GE and purchasing delegation organizations, which are run by our Chamber, also contribute significantly to the foreign trade activities of our companies. ”


Noting that 25 billion dollars of investment, 150 thousand jobs and 40 billion dollars of export are targeted with TEKNOSAB, the symbol of the new industrial revolution, President Burkay underlined that the works in TEKNOSAB have been progressing rapidly for 4 years. İbrahim Burkay said, “TEKNOSAB gained legal personality in 2016. Allocations were made in 2017 and its infrastructure was completed by 2019-60 percent by the end of 65. Hopefully, we aim to start factory construction in 2020. TEKNOSAB is the first organized industrial zone established in Bursa in the last 20 years. This project will contribute significantly to our city's advanced technology production move. ”


Turkey's President Burkay pointing to the car of speech will contribute to the transformation of the automotive industry companies continued to be manufactured in Bursa, he said: "Bursa, has a strong background in automotive and industrial. This experience made Bursa the center of the domestic and national car project. We are taking steps to realize an industrial infrastructure that is more prone to both autonomous and robotic technologies, especially in Bursa, with excellence centers under the roof of BUTEKOM. Domestic and national cars will add value to our city. Panini success of this project, but also of our company in Bursa, Turkey, which has the most powerful converter industry will play a role in the transition to new technologies in the automotive sector. Many of our companies have started discussions about some new technology products of the facility, which will now start production in Gemlik. I believe that this step is very important for the future of both Bursa and our industry. ”

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