BTS's Claim to Transfer TCDD Ticket Sales to Private Sector

btsden tcdd claims to hand over ticket sale to private sector
btsden tcdd claims to hand over ticket sale to private sector

Hasan Bektaş, President of the United Transportation Employees Union (BTS), said that the increase in TCDD's subscription tickets has not been seen before in the history of TCDD. Bektaş claimed that there were preparations for the transfer of ticket sales on railways to the private sector.

Bektaş, who said that the word game was made with the explanation of “The discount on subscriptions was removed”, spoke to Yavuz Oğhan in the Bidebunuizle program broadcasted on Radio Karakutu. Bektaş said, “It is clearly a hike to your subscriber. They make fun of our minds, but the public knows it is a raise. This reveals their own helplessness. ”

Bektaş, who stated that the subscriber was not removed directly because he would react, said that TCDD aims to eliminate the subscriber by equalizing subscriber and daily ticket prices by increasing the exorbitant prices.


Bektaş said, “They want to transfer the ticket sales on the railways to the private sector. You know the logic of privatization in Turkey. First, they revive them and then leave them on the lap of the private sector. ”the tarafsizhaberajans)

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