Ankara YHT Crash Case Statement from BTS

btsden ankara yht accident case description
btsden ankara yht accident case description

United Transport Workers Union (BTS) yesterday, the first trial of the high-speed train accident revealed the real responsibility for the struggle to uncover the true said.

The written statement from BTS is as follows; “The first crash of the train crash disaster, where 13 of our 2018 machinists lost their lives and 3 citizens were injured as a result of the collision of the guide train on the same line with the High Speed ​​Train, which made the Ankara-Konya expedition, on 9 December 92 in Ankara-Marşandiz (1 January 13). He was seen in Ankara 2020th Heavy Penal Court yesterday.

In the indictment prepared by the court, the deaths and injuries of more than one person 'on charges of imprisonment of up to 15 years, three of the three defendants participated in the hearing of the total of 10 defendants.

Following the identity inquiry of the defendants and complainants, the hearing started with the statements given by the defendants and the questions of the Court and lawyers until the late hours.

In the case heard, the Train Organization Officer and the Machinists who lost their lives in the accident kazanIn the statements and statements made against the portrayal of the TCDD as the principal responsible, it was stated that the TCDD General Manager and the responsible Deputy General Managers would not be brought to justice without being tried, and it was demanded that these people be prosecuted.

At the end of the hearing, the court decided to continue the detention of Train Organization Officer Osman Yildirim and adjourned the hearing to 24 January 2020 and decided to release Sinan Yavuz and Traffic Controller Emin Ercan Erbey.

First of all, it should be noted that kazanThe lack of signaling system, which causes the So a similar kazanis likely to occur. This is confirmed by the General Directorate of TCDD. kazanThere has been a change in the departure point and hours of train services after the incident.

There have been many accidents in our railways so far, hundreds of citizens have been killed and injured in these accidents.

We are the real reason for these accidents every time; In the AKP period with the practices implemented since 2003 under the name of restructuring in TCDD, beyond the individual mistakes of the employees; politicians and bureaucrats are taking scientific steps, non-merit staff to come to work, insufficient number of staff, more than one title to a single title and so on.

Regarding the issue, by our union kazanThese reasons were explained in detail in the report prepared after this and in our report; “It is very clearly seen that for the sake of political show, for the opening of the lines that are not fully completed, as a result of the political pressure on the institution, the high-level bureaucrats remained silent and instructed their lower managers to produce these strange orders, instead of preventing the pressures in favor of the institution for safe transportation. kazanIt is one of the main reasons.” It is stated where the main responsibility should be sought.

This is what happened to us kazans real responsibility is clear. And unfortunately, we see once again that after this accident, the real responsible were not brought to justice.

It should be known that the prosecution in public conscience will not be fully ensured unless the signaling system is completed before the judges decide to open the line.

by our union kazanIt should be known by all the public that we will continue our struggle with determination to reveal the real questions of the public.

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