Boğaçay 38 Tugboat Commemorated

bogacay trailer was put into service
bogacay trailer was put into service

📩 11/03/2020 17:21

In his speech at the commissioning ceremony of the tugboat with advanced propulsion system made by Sanmar Shipyard, Minister Turhan stated that there was once a shipyard activity stuck in Tuzla and that Turkish maritime had a hard time.

their work to revive the maritime sector Turhan explained that they found a good spot in today, "Turkey, the Turkish nation, we have all kinds of support for functionality folks remember the sailors. As a ministry, we did whatever it takes to make our seas and sailors marry, to make their way clear. We have made very important breakthroughs and policies. We made arrangements to open the way for the private sector. We carried our ships to the whitelist, that is to the super league, with the controls and practices we carried out. We implemented the fuel consumption without SCT to share the burden on our seafarers. Since 2004, we have provided nearly 496 billion lira support to the sector, with an average of 8 million liras annually. Our international ports increased from 152 to 181. Our number of yacht ports has increased from 41 to 62, and our capacity to moor yach has increased from 8 to 500 thousand. Our Turkish-owned sea trade fleet has grown more than 19 times compared to 2003 and has grown from 3 million DWT to 8,9 million DWT. Our fleet of Turkish ownership in the 28,6th row is today the 19th in the world. With the strengthening of our country's role in world maritime transportation, container handling increased by 15 times and reached 5 million TEU. While total cargo handling was 11 million tons, it reached 190 million tons. ” he spoke.

“Today, we are one of the countries that have a voice in the shipbuilding industry worldwide”

Turhan pointed out that there are revolutionary developments in the shipbuilding industry and it is a very strategic field of activity with its high value added products. The labor intensive nature of the shipbuilding industry and the wide field of activity it creates also contribute significantly to the increase in employment. Fortunately, we are one of the countries that have a voice in the shipbuilding industry worldwide. In this, the role of opening our way to our shipyard in a way that covers all of our shores from Tuzla, where it is stuck, has a great role. Over the years, the investments made by our state and the design support, whose scope was extended, increased the rental period of the shipyards to 49 years, paving the way for investments, removing the obligations paid by the state to the state, removing the obligations of the payment, and showing the areas where easiness right of our shipyards can be shown as collateral. We took important steps such as the increase of EIA reports and development plans of our shipyards. ”

Turhan stated that the Turkish shipbuilding industry has become an important sector capable of building environmentally sensitive ships using the latest technology and that 81 shipyards deserve appreciation.

Emphasizing that they need to develop R&D and innovation in order to have a voice in the world market, Turhan said, “One of the best examples of these works is the BOĞAÇAY 38 Hybrid Tugboat, which will be put into service today.

Among other technological features of the tug, it is very important that it has the world's first AVD, an advanced variable propulsion system. This success of Sanmar is of course not accidental. Sanmar is a pioneering company that built the first natural gas powered tugboat and then the first autonomous tugboat in the world. Today, it is a situation that can be boasted on behalf of our country and our industry to build the first hydraulic hybrid tug by realizing another first. ” found the assessment.

“Hydraulic Hybrid” tug with the world's first Advanced Variable Drive technology

Built in Sanmar's Altinova Shipyard, the tugboat was built by integrating Advanced Variable Drive technology into the tugboat.

This innovation, developed jointly with Caterpillar Propulsion, will have lower emissions and lower fuel consumption. The tug, classed by ABS and which will wave the Turkish flag, was produced with fully computerized modeling.

BOĞAÇAY, which is 24 meters long, has a pulling power of 70 tons and has a propeller system that can rotate around its own axis, has a fire extinguishing capacity of 2 tons per hour.

Vice President of Sanmar Board of Directors Ali Gürün stated that BOĞAÇAY 38 will be exported to Mexico.

Minister Turhan visited shipyards

After the commissioning ceremony of the tugboat with advanced propulsion system made by Sanmar Shipyard, Turhan visited Beşiktaş Shipyard, Hat-San Shipyard and Altınova Shipyard Entrepreneurs Industry and Trade Inc.

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