The Only Solution to Batman Traffic Problem TCDD Railway

The only solution to the problem of traffic in the sunken tcdd rails
The only solution to the problem of traffic in the sunken tcdd rails

Deputy Mayor of Batman Zeki Hedekoğlu stated that TCDD rails that divide the city in two is an opportunity for Batman: tek The only solution to the traffic problem in Batman is the use of TCDD rails. We want to implement the rail system by making use of these rails ”.


Batman Municipality wants to implement a 'light rail' transportation system to ease urban transportation. Deputy Mayor Zeki Hedekoğlu stated that the project is in the process of preparation: “There were even campaigns for the removal of TCDD rails from the city. However, we want to benefit from the rails that divide the city in two to ease transportation. Our project is under preparation. We expect support from all the dynamics of the city for the realization of this project. In Adana, for example, the light rail system was built from scratch. Although there cost about $ 1 billion, the expected interest was not there. In Batman, the project will be realized at a low cost. For this purpose, we requested an appointment from TCDD Malatya 5th Regional Directorate and we want to implement this project. ”


Vice President Hedekoğlu pointed out that they have also implemented new projects for urban transportation. Stating that they have offered 2 more buses, 10 of which are gusseted, Hedekoğlu continued: “With the introduction of new buses, we will change the card reading devices in the vehicles. As an example, we will make smart stops to certain points. We will reflect on the screen the number of minutes after waiting for the bus at the stop. We will develop this system later. We aim for 80 percent of this project to yield efficiency. Discounted transportation, which we started for students in the new year, also attracts great attention. We are working to fit the monthly subscription system. We carried 13 passengers since the beginning of January. ” (Reşat Yiğiz - batmanã§aäÿdaåÿ)

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