Ankaragans said the seats of the wagons should change

Ankaray wagons of the capital said the seats changed
Ankaray wagons of the capital said the seats changed

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will change the seat arrangement of the wagons in Ankaray, the light rail system serving between Dikimevi and AŞTİ. Ankaray wagons to remain in the existing dual seats or the new bench seat system to switch to the two-choice survey 70.4 percent of the decision to 'change'

According to the results of the survey, before the existing seats in the wagons were replaced with row seats, the existing double seat arrangement in half of the train wagon A13 and a new row seat arrangement in the other half were created for the passengers to observe.


70.4 percent of the polls organized by the municipality to change the seat order 'change' was the decision to change. 29.6 percent of the respondents wanted to remain in the current seating arrangement. According to the results of the survey, seats in Ankaray will be rearranged. Your first wagon will start serving in 20 days. All wagons will be passed to the new row of seats in 6 months. The municipality will arrange the new seats completely with its own means and with its own workers. Seats in the wagons will be given to the expedition as they are changed.


EGO officials emphasized that the row seat arrangement will show a homogeneous distribution in passenger density, which will have many advantages and gave the following information:

“Thanks to the new row seat arrangement, the passenger capacity in each wagon series will increase from 240 to 270. The wagon interior will become more spacious. In particular, the agglomeration of door areas will be avoided. It will be easier for passengers traveling to or from AŞTİ to get on or off the trains. Passengers traveling with their suitcases will also have the opportunity to put their suitcases in the areas on the sides of the doors. As a result of expansion in the door areas, disabled passengers (especially those traveling with wheelchairs) will be able to move more easily during landing and boarding of our vehicles. ”

Ankaray has 11 stops and serves over 100 thousand passengers every day between Dikimevi and Ankara intercity bus terminal. Ankara's first light rail system, Ankaray, is an important transportation system preferred by university students as well as passengers coming or going by intercity bus in the Capital.


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