Minister Turhan: Canal Istanbul Project Will Be Completed By 2026

minister turhan will be completed like channel istanbul project
minister turhan will be completed like channel istanbul project

Republic of Turkey Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Minister Turhan Kanal made statements about Istanbul Project. Turhan clarified why Kanal Istanbul is needed and said that the Bosphorus is a waterway used in international maritime transportation and is exposed to intense sea traffic.

Turhan stated that this waterway was used extensively in the morning and evening by the citizens living on both sides of Istanbul horizontally, 57 piers here were used for sea transportation on both sides of the Bosphorus.

Pointing out the importance of Istanbul in terms of tourism, Turhan stated that the sea traffic for the Bosphorus tour for local and foreign tourists coming to the city is also intense.

Turhan said, “In such an environment, the fact that the Bosphorus is one of the most risky passageways in the world for maritime traffic with increasing commercial transportation threatens the lives of people living in the Bosphorus. This is our first reason. In other words, the lives of people living in and around the Bosphorus are at risk. Secondly, the historical artifacts located on the shores of the Bosphorus, which makes Istanbul Istanbul. These works are the property of humanity. Istanbul has been the cradle of many civilizations, all of which have traces and artifacts. Our nation also has historical values ​​of up to 800 years. We want to protect and preserve them all. We see these artifacts, which are the legacy of the past humanity, as the trust of future generations, and we need to protect and protect them. We need to reduce the risks that threaten them. We cannot close this waterway, but we set the rules that users must follow, we determine the conditions.” he said. The number of passing ships decreased, the amount of cargo increased

Turhan shared the data about the Bosphorus traffic by reminding that those who do not have information about the Bosphorus traffic have criticized “There is no need to build the channel, why use a new channel when there is already a free passage waterway”.

Stating that the number of ships crossing the Bosphorus in the last 15 years is 48 thousand 296 annually, Turhan said:

“This figure has risen to over 50 thousand from time to time. The average of the last 5 years is 42 thousand 258. The numbers have decreased and are gradually decreasing. Those who say these numbers with an understanding such as 'So the Bosphorus is not used' are using this to strengthen their thesis, but the facts are not like this. The average of the last 3 years is 41 thousand 731, but the average of 2005, 2006 and 2007 is 55 thousand 426. This is a very high figure. The average of the last three years is 41 thousand and in 2019 there were 41 thousand 112 transitions. These figures are not the maritime traffic using the Bosphorus and transiting without a stop, not the urban traffic. It is also increasing day by day. We see that there has been a 15 percent decrease in ship transit numbers in the last 25 years. In other words, it decreased from 48 thousand 296 to 41 thousand, but there is a 53 percent increase in the amount of cargo carried by these ships. Here is the amount of the passing cargo and the amount of dangerous substance in the passing cargo that scares us the most. It carries LNG, natural gas, chemicals, petroleum, explosives. The amount of dangerous goods, which was 10 percent of the load 25 years ago, has now increased to 35 percent. There is an 11% increase in the amount of dangerous goods and this is increasing.”

Turhan reminded of the accident that a ship carrying dangerous goods in the Bosphorus in the past, said that this accident was at the exit point of the Bosphorus, only to survive the event with financial damage. Noting that this ship is in the Bosphorus for another 1 km, Turhan pointed out that all the houses around Karaköy, Moda, Sirkeci and Beşiktaş will be damaged and a mortal accident may occur. neither is the risk of nearby Bosphorus traffic. The captains using the ships crossing the Bosphorus say this, the most risky place is in the bends between Sarıyer and the Sea of ​​Marmara, as we say, in sharp bends. While 50-100-150 meters of vehicles have passed these sharp bends in the comfort of maneuver in the past, vehicles carrying 200-250-300 meters of heavy loads now have to do these maneuvers. ” used expressions.

Our aim is not to make money, but to ensure the safety of the Bosphorus.

Explaining that they have brought some restrictions on the passage of the vehicles using the Bosphorus, especially in recent years, Turhan stated that they allow the passage of risky cargo or ships when traffic and weather conditions are appropriate. Turhan said, “Our purpose here is not to perform 'crazy accounting'. We do not have an intention of 1 dollars if you do not pass 2 dollar if you cross my bridge. Our purpose in Kanal Istanbul Project is to provide safe and secure sea traffic in our country and to protect people and values. Our goal is not to make money from this traffic, to make it income, not to turn it into profit, but to reduce the rising risks by ensuring the security of the Bosphorus. ” he spoke.

Turhan informed that a Dutch company specialized in international maritime sector had prepared a report on the increase in Bosphorus traffic in the upcoming period.

Recalling that Istanbul Airport was built on the grounds that Atatürk Airport did not meet the needs, Turhan said:

“We were saying no to the countries that asked for a flight permit to Istanbul Airport. They also said no on the basis of reciprocity to some of our requests. We were losing. For example, we were saying no to China. China, a country that has been developing very rapidly in recent years, wanted to fly to Istanbul Airport. Our country is located at the heart of the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. We want to turn our geographical advantages into economic size and income for our country. We want to make our country a logistics base, to be used as a bridge and an intersection in international trade. ”

International 7 5 highway and railway through Turkey Turhan states that, in case of raising the standard of the road transportation which revenue and trade with countries with which stated that reflected positively on diplomatic relations. Turhan said, “For example, if I forbid them to pass through the trade of Central Asian countries to Europe and Africa, and put a quota on them, it would also be at their expense. We also want to sell goods to Central Asia. Our trade is shifting towards Central Asia and South Asia. We do this with a mutual win-win and an understanding of protecting interests. Kanal Istanbul is very important in this sense. ” found the assessment.

Our aim is to create a new waterway capacity

Turhan, in the absence of sufficient capacity in transportation, noting that there are significant losses in trade, said:

“We don't keep anyone waiting for nothing. We shorten the follow-up distance from a waterway with a passage capacity of 25 thousand years and spend 41 thousand. We were doing this at Ataturk Airport. We used the landing-take-off capacity of 1200 to the 1400s and 1500s, using the boundaries between the cruise landing and take-off limits. Why did we build the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge? We say 'Stop brother, you can not pass' from Istanbul Strait to our shippers and those who travel to Europe from the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia and South Asia to Europe. The men were being persecuted, losing revenue. ”

Minister Turhan said, “Our aim here is to create a new waterway capacity where people using this waterway can pass safely and safely. The passage capacity of the new channel that we will build will be close to 2,5 times over the Bosphorus 3 times. ” used expressions.

Kanal Istanbul will be safer for maritime traffic than the Bosphorus

Stating that the geometrical conditions of Kanal Istanbul are higher than the Bosphorus, Turhan said, “There are 13 natural folds in the Bosphorus. If we try to cut Aşiyan and Kanlıca to correct the folds here, the natural beauty of the Bosphorus will go away. ” he spoke.

Turhan pointed out that Kanal Istanbul will not have sharp bends, and said that it will be made safer with the lighting around the passageway.

Turhan emphasized that the channel will have less risk in maritime traffic and said:

“We will also provide tugboat service in passages here. We will require the use of this service. Kanal Istanbul is not included in the Montreux Straits Convention. This is the way we do. We will be able to safely pass 185 ships per day from Kanal Istanbul, which is a highway standard. Currently, we can pass 118-125 ships through the Bosphorus. From time to time, we are interrupted by our urban traffic. The standard of the passageway in the Bosphorus is like the old road, and the standard of the new channel we will build is like the highway. From here, we will have the opportunity to pass fast, safe and much more. ”

Kanal Istanbul will have systems communicating with ships

Turhan, the channel around the sea traffic control, constantly communicating with ships, giving information that the system will be made here in the fog of the channel will increase the lighting capacity and high-standard marine transport service will be expressed.

Emphasizing that people prefer the paid and safer road instead of risky road, Turhan said, “Do we force people traveling from Istanbul to Ankara on a toll road? No, but people are using the toll road, and even the first one was not enough, the second one is the Northern Marmara Motorway. Here, people will prefer the safer way instead of crossing the risky road. ” found the assessment.

Turhan reminded that there are heavy damages caused by environmental damage in marine accidents. Drawing attention to the importance of the channel, Turhan said, “It is not enough to sit down and pray to protect the residents of Istanbul and everyone living in Istanbul. The necessity of this measure is the commissioning of Kanal Istanbul. ” used expressions.

Upon the question regarding Kanal İstanbul's fee, Turhan stated that people who will benefit from this service will be paid a reasonable fee.

The first tender of the canal istanbul project has been concluded

A more important issue of reputation than income

Turhan, a daily rental of boats vary between 50 thousand dollars and 120 thousand dollars, stating, according to the size and characteristics of vehicles waiting time has changed.

Stressing that the feasibility study of the project was made and it was decided to invest according to the result, Turhan said:

“According to our calculations, the minimum amount of money we will receive from the ships passing through Kanal Istanbul is around 1 billion net annual net worth. The number of vehicles passing through the channel in 2035 will reach 50 thousand. By 2050, this figure will climb to 70 thousand, and in the 2070s it will be over 80 thousand. 86 thousand given to us in the report, 2050 thousand in 78. When 68 thousand ships pass through the 50-capacity channel, we will have an annual income of $ 5 billion, and we will reach these figures in the future. Our children will see them. If we consider that we are approaching these figures, when we make this channel, we will meet the needs of the world trade in this region, which will increase gradually, until 2070-2080. This is a much more important issue of reputation for our country than income. ”

Kanal Istanbul Project works go back to the past

When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, he solved all the problems of the Istanbulites, had trouble with their troubles but dreamed of the traffic risks in the Bosphorus, which was not under his authority and responsibilities, and dreamed to what extent Istanbul was under threat. Turhan stated that he gave the instructions about Kanal Istanbul, which he called “My dream and my crazy project,” in 2008, and reminded Binali Yıldırım's Minister of Transport and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as Prime Minister at that time.

Turhan worked at the Istanbul Regional Directorate at that time, without sharing with the private sector that they received instructions to investigate route studies for an alternative maritime crossing from Erdogan to the Bosphorus, while they were conducting the surveys of the North Marmara Motorway, while being the General Manager of the Highways. he told the project chief engineer, Metin Küçükoğlu, that they had given this task for execution.

Alternative corridors of Kanal Istanbul

Emphasizing that 3D maps were first studied and 5 corridors were determined for the project, Turhan said that these works were conveyed to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan through Binali Yıldırım.

Turhan pointed out that long before 2011, they identified the corridors that will pass the traffic of the Bosphorus in the west of Istanbul in the safest, most comfortable and shortest distance, and continued as follows:

“Our first corridor is Silivri-Karacaköy Corridor. First of all, we wanted to get away from Istanbul and to be close to Çanakkale, which is the exit mouth, since the sea traffic here crosses the Dardanelles. We said users should prefer this place. Here, the topography of the land provided the opportunity to make such a route. Our second corridor is the Silivri-Durusu line. Our third corridor is Büyükçekmece-Durusu line. Our fourth corridor is Küçükçekmece-Durusu line. Our fifth corridor is Küçükçekmece-Ağaçlı line. The 64-kilometer-long corridor carried Istranca waters and 50 percent of Büyükçekmece lake basin in terms of the interaction of water sources of Istanbul and its surrounding areas. The second corridor cut water for 44 percent of Büyükçekmece Lake, although it was 70 kilometers long and the construction cost was low. The third corridor destroyed the entire Büyükçekmece Lake. 44 kilometers and the cost of construction was very low. Küçükçekmece-Ağaçlı line with the shortest distance 36 kilometers. Ağaçlı also disabled the Rice Village Village Dam, which the State Hydraulic Works planned to do, and 70% of the Alibeyköy Dam. It also took part of Sazlıdere Dam and Damascus Dam. We did not choose here either. Küçükçekmece-Durusu line became the corridor with the least damage to the forest and water resources. This corridor was determined in the 2010s. This route is the result of a decision made with an engineering optimization that has the most benefit compared to other routes, the least harmful to the environment and the lowest construction cost over the criteria we have determined. When Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented these works, he said 'Let's do this'. ”

Kanal Istanbul will contribute to urban transformation

Turhan, the decision of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization after the decision was given information, he said.

Reminding that the location of the new airport was also determined at that time, and a building reserve area of ​​150 million square meters was determined in this region due to the earthquake risk in Istanbul, Turhan said that the sea traffic problem would be eliminated with this channel.

Turhan, earthquake risk and under the conditions of the current zoning conditions for those who do not want to leave the house as an attractive area where they said they offer a place.

Emphasizing that they want to crown this with a smart and green city that will increase the brand value of Istanbul with the urban transformation project and the Canal Istanbul Project, Turhan said that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan instructed Erdoğan Bayraktar, who was the Minister of Environment and Urbanism for that period.

Turhan informed that the channel started from Küçükçekmece Lake and reached the Black Sea from Altınşehir after Sazlıbosna Village, Baklalı and Durusu.

Pointing out that all of the buildings in Şahintepe District in this region are at risk of earthquakes, Turhan stated that the buildings were built in zoned areas and the citizens have lived here for 30-40 years.

Turhan stated that these areas around the canal should be rehabilitated and said:

“With urban transformation, we will give our citizens their rights, we will build the building from the places we will make in this region to those who want, their money and those who want. We will present the preferences to them. This project will have such a contribution to urban transformation. ”

Sharing the information that a large logistics port will be built at the exit of the Black Sea, Turhan said that 85 percent of the excavation will be used in the embankment.

Turhan said, “We will use the excavation to be removed from the channel as a filling in the cliffs between Durusu Lake and the Black Sea. We will make the resulting area a promenade. ” said.

Stating that the sea life will begin in Küçükçekmece Lake when the channel is opened, Turhan said that marinas and marine structures will be built here.

Turhan stated that the modeling of the channel was done in the laboratory environment, "The breakwaters at the entrance and exit ports of the channel were tested against the maximum wave loads that the sea can create against earthquake loads." he spoke.

Speaking about the similarities of the project in the world, Turhan said that the related team was researching the subjects such as construction techniques, operation and maritime transportation service.

We did not encounter any criticism regarding technical issues.

Turhan emphasized that they consider all criticisms made to contribute to the project useful and said:

“We have not encountered any criticism about technical issues. Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor, despite being against the construction of the channel, sometimes used a statement saying '20 meters 75 centimeters is not enough'. He made a technical criticism, 'Excavation on the channel triggers other faults in Istanbul.' says. While we are sizing here, we examined the social life that will be influenced by the channel, seismology, geotechnics, ground mechanics, hydrogeology, biology, and the effect of the companies that produce in the country, if any. ”

Pointing out that 60 percent of the Sazlıdere Dam will be disabled with the construction of the canal, Turhan will construct Hamzalı, Riceçi and Karacaköy dams in the immediate vicinity of the city to meet the 2,5 percent water need of Istanbul and their water need. He said he could afford more.

"Ekrem İmamoğluWe have an answer to every question of

Turhan, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluStating that he did not make any application to the Ministry to get information about Kanal Istanbul, he said, “Although we will answer every question, we do not feel the need to answer because we know that he will not be convinced. Our reckoning is with our nation, and with the awareness of this, we do our job because we believe it is for the benefit of the country.” he said.

Turhan explained that they have reported the transportation projects at the national scale to the metropolitan municipality in accordance with the relevant laws.

“But this project is not only a transportation project, but also an urban transformation project, one of the most important problems of Istanbul, has become the project of transforming structures at risk of earthquake into safe structures. Our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization started planning work here after the building area of ​​the project was determined. Objections to this project are examined and answered. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization is responsible for the applications related to these. ”

Responsible public administration is not like this.

Reminding that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality prepared a protocol before starting the construction of the canal, Turhan said, Ekrem İmamoğluHe said that he withdrew from his responsibilities in this protocol.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality said that the responsibility of the protocol is the construction of transmission lines, transport roads and subway lines, Turhan said, the municipality will benefit from the rent and revenues to be obtained from these places, he said.

Turhan says, “I do not say I will not receive your income” but says “I do not make the infrastructure”. Responsible statesman, public institution management is not like this. We were locked in such a project because of the displacement of 2-3 infrastructure facilities here. I can not say. " used the expression.

New metro line project

Turhan explained that there are new planned projects in the investment program of the Ministry and gave the following information about these projects:

“We are considering a metro line that will cross the Bosphorus again with the highway crossing. We have reached the final stage in the work of the project we call the Great Istanbul Tunnel. When it comes to national interests, everyone will take the main stance, know their place, authority and responsibility, will work with their responsibility, with the authority they have taken, and will serve the nation. He stopped solving the troubles and problems of Istanbul and started to deal with himself (Ekrem İmamoğlu) I don't think it's right that he's trying to get bonuses.”

Response to earthquake risk reviews

Turhan also responded to the criticism that the region where Kanal Istanbul was built is risky in terms of earthquake, and said that technical studies have been carried out and there will be no excavation that will affect the earthquake.

Turhan said, “When we are alone with the earthquake that we call 'the big Istanbul earthquake', we will see the urgent needs of people as soon as possible, and we planned the hospital and food needs of these people and the meeting places. Here, we will not carry people who have been exposed to earthquakes to traffic. We will gather Istanbulites in designated parking areas and see their humanitarian needs. ” said.

“We set the construction cost as $ 15 billion”

Providing information about the cost of Kanal Istanbul, Turhan said, “After the project of the channel, we determined the construction cost as 15 billion dollars. We have determined that this cost is the renovation works of the existing infrastructures to be made before the construction of the canal. 10 billion dollars is the construction cost of the channel itself. In other words, we are talking about a project that has a budget of 15 billion dollars and which requires financing. ” he spoke.

Stating that they will build the bridges as part of the construction activities, Turhan said that the traffic from the bridge construction will be regional and will not affect all of Istanbul.

New Road Work

Turhan pointed out that the areas where the channel construction will take place are mostly rural areas and that local traffic is not dense in these areas and used the following statements:

“On the channel, we will make a new high-capacity road coming from Nakkaş, Hadımköy, Başakşehir and connected to Hasdal. With the Hasdal, which we call 7th Section of the Northern Marmara Motorway, we hope to tender this road that will connect Hadımköy, Başakşehir, Bahçeşehir, Esenyurt to the Northern Marmara Motorway next month. This will be a highway standard 2 times 4 lane road. ”

Stating that they will increase the TEM Highway 64 meters above the zero level of the channel, Turhan said, “We will rebuild this place for the sea vehicles to pass. It; We will also raise the bridge at the place where Çobançeşme, Safaköy, Avcılar, Beylikdüzü road is located. Without touching the existing traffic for the existing roads, they will serve, we will make a variant. In detail, their construction methodology was determined and their projects were prepared. This year, we will start in order of priority and give way to the construction of the channel. ” used the expression.

“Technical measures were taken for underground water movements”

Turhan pointed out that due to the construction of the canal, the soil and excavation traffic here will be moved to the north in its corridor, and that Terkos Lake will not be damaged in this context.

Turhan also stated that the necessary technical measures were taken to prevent the underground water movements from being affected by the works and that water leakages would be prevented.

The goal of finishing in 2026

Speaking about the completion time of the project, Turhan said, “If we hit the digging in 2020, we will start with bridges and roads first. After that, we will complete the project in 6 years. So we will have finished the end of 2025 in 2026. ” said.

Stating that they will build the bridges from north to south in order of priority to begin excavation of the channel construction, Turhan stated that 75 percent of the construction excavation is in the north.

Expressing that reeds and marshes will be rehabilitated, Turhan said, “We will make these places the living space of Istanbulites. Excavation below the water level is 150 million cubic meters. We have been in close contact with Dutch and Belgian teams, who are experienced in this field and have expert teams and equipment. ”

“Economic terrorist attacks have reduced enthusiasm and appetite for entrepreneurs. Now the environment has improved again ”

Pointing out that they expect approximately 20 billion dollars of income from Kanal Istanbul in 60 years, Turhan said, “We calculate low income and high expenditure. We told them to those who are willing to work. ” he spoke.

Turhan, said they plan to begin the project, but said last year due to economic attacks overseas partner firms that process on hold for Turkey, said:

“Economic terrorist attacks have reduced enthusiasm and appetite for entrepreneurs. Now the environment has recovered. We tender the $ 15 billion project, today's figures, to $ 20 billion today with 25-12 percent cut. 15 billion investments, 60 billion dollars conversion. The project with an internal profitability rate of 15 percent. There is not much in the way of this project in Turkey. For this reason, we say that this project has high profitability and internal profitability rate. ”

Minister Turhan stated that the tourism income that the project will bring to Istanbul will encourage those who will invest in the region.

“Europeans are interested in the project”

Turhan said that Europeans showed more interest in the project, not only the construction of these countries, but also interested in construction and credit financing, he said.

Emphasizing that a new living space will be created with the project in question, Turhan said, “This population will come from Istanbul through urban transformation. A smart and green city will be built around the canal. It will be planned according to contemporary urbanism principles. I believe that this will be one of the most sought-after living spaces of Istanbul in the future. ” found the assessment.

Stating that approximately 40 percent of the lands around Kanal Istanbul are publicly owned, Turhan said:

“With the project, the current value of the lands will probably increase 10 times. The public will benefit here. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Arnavutköy Municipality, Küçükçekmece Municipality, Başakşehir Municipality and some of them Esenyurt Municipality, which will benefit most from the income to be obtained from the city planning projects around this channel. These are not currently making any income from these places. On behalf of the public, everyone will benefit from this project. All Istanbul residents will benefit from the tourism revenues that this project will bring to Istanbul. ”(Source: UAB)

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