AŞTİ Moving Days Due to Semester Break

Due to the half-year holiday, the asti are moving days
Due to the half-year holiday, the asti are moving days

Due to the start of the semester break, there are active days in AŞTİ. In AŞTİ, where student density increased, Metropolitan Municipality increased security measures.


AŞTİ, operated by BUGSAŞ, a subsidiary of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, has increased the number of security personnel due to the increasing number of students every hour as schools are holidays.

Welcoming an average of 85 thousand visitors daily, AŞTİ hosts an average of 150 thousand passengers on special days and periods such as holidays and semester holidays.


AŞTİ, where 150 BUGSAŞ security personnel are assigned, is monitored daily with 7 cameras in and out of the platform 24/270.

In AŞTİ, where the police personnel and the Ankara Police provide reinforcement support for the passengers to travel in peace and security, ticket and baggage checks are carried out regularly, especially x-ray devices at the entrance and exit.

Asur Akval, who went to his hometown for the semester break, said, “We are very pleased with the security measures taken in AŞTİ. I express my gratitude to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, ”said middle school student Berke Gök,“ 6. I am studying in class, I will go to Çankırı to see my elders. Despite the intensity experienced in AŞTİ, significant security measures have been taken ”.

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