Ordu Metropolitan Building Modern Roads

Ordu Metropolitan Building Modern Roads
Ordu Metropolitan Building Modern Roads

With the road works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in the remaining 9 months, citizens were offered modern transportation. In addition to hot asphalt, stabilized and concrete road works, the teams, which made new road opening and expansion studies, protected the roads with their art structures.


Dursun Ali Kırmızıtaş, the Head of the Department of Science Affairs of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the works carried out since April 2019. Head of Department Kızıltaş said, 19 Our teams carried out 112 km of hot asphalt, 63,48, 1285 km of stabilized and 32 km of concrete road in 24,85 group road in 11,75 districts of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. 89,00 km of new road opening, 600 km of road expansion work was done. On the other hand, our roads were protected with 110 cubic meters of stone walls, 600 meters of reinforced concrete walls, 4600 meters of culverts and XNUMX square meters of pavement in order to ensure the long life of our works. As long as the seasonal conditions allow, we will continue our feverish activities as the Department of Science Affairs. ”


On the other hand, works continue on the 239,79-kilometer green road from Akkuş District Dağyolu neighborhood to the Kabadüz District Çambaşı Plateau. Earth engineering structures, superstructure works and concrete road works have been completed by 129,32% on the Samsun provincial border - Salman-Çaldırı Site of the road, 35 km of which is under the authority and responsibility of the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. While the concrete road and ditch construction works have been completed on the 21 km part of the 9 km road in the Perşembe Plateau and Korgan İncedere Mevkii, the works are continuing on the 24 km route between Topçam and Çambaşı Plateau.

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