Construction of Underpass and Overpass Bridge on Arifiye Pamukova Line

arifiye pamukova line underpass and upholstery bridge
arifiye pamukova line underpass and upholstery bridge

Arifiye Pamukova Km: 167 + 235 Underpass And Km: 159 + 680 Overpass Bridge Construction

Arifiye Pamukova Km: 1 + 2019 Underpasses and Km: 675104 + 14.544.232,43 Overpasses of the Turkish State Railways Enterprise 20.629.624,17st Regional Materials Directorate (TCDD) with a limit value of 167/235 KIK and a limit value of 159 TL and an approximate cost of 680 TL 21 companies have submitted bids for the Construction Work of the Bridge Bridge and they have given the tender according to the uncertain result. 14.697.286,00 TL proposal ZİRVE ADA İNŞAAT TAAH. SINGING. VE TİC. Inc. It has won. 4 firms participating in the tender submitted under the limit value.

The tender covers the projects included in the tender document and the works to be carried out with 43 items specified in the unit price offer schedule. The duration of the work is 350 (three hundred and fifty) calendar days from the delivery of the place.

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