Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Will Be Completed By April

antalya stage rail system to be completed by april
antalya stage rail system to be completed by april

Construction engineers together with the 3rd Stage Railway System Project examining the intersection work in Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek, said they aim to complete the project by April.

Muhittin Böcek, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Balcı, Head of Antalya Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, together with the members of the Board of Directors and civil engineers examined the 3rd Stage Rail System Project between Otogar and Meltem. Within the scope of the project, Akdeniz Muhittin Böcek, who saw the work of multi-storey junction in front of the Meltem Gate, together with the civil engineers, gave information to the civil engineers about the latest status of the project and answered their questions.


Stating that they aim to complete the 3rd Stage Rail System Project by April, Mayor Muhittin Insect said, “In the project, the transition between the university and Meltem would be made as an underpass. It would take us about a year in time. We are making this transition as an overpass. Thus, from time kazanNot only did we save money, but also our municipality saved nearly 9 million liras. We completed the wagon tender of the project 15 days ago. We want to complete the rail system quickly by April,” he said.

Meltem Junction is completed 100. Year and Gazi Boulevard will relieve traffic on the axis indicating that President Insect, will be provided relief in Antalyaspor Junction, the university's entries and exits will be rearranged said.

We will do the projects we have promised

In the election declaration before the 31st March elections, Mayor Böcek emphasized that they will realize all the projects in the name of the city and the citizens, “We will make the right projects. On the one hand, while saving, on the other hand, our investments will continue rapidly with the same determination and determination. In 2020, we will have completed the 3rd Stage Rail System, East Garage Culture and Trade Center, East Garage Necropolis Project, City Museum, Sedir Sports Complex projects. ”


Mayor Muhittin Böcek emphasized that they work one-to-one with civil society organizations and professional chambers in all projects and said: “I do not know. Ben, you don't, it's us. We said we could do it together. We will continue to work with all corporate organizations for Antalya. For example, we will have a very broad workshop for the transportation master plan covering 19 districts. ”

We will manage ANTALYA with a common mind

Stating that they have come to work for a planned, regulated, identity city, Mayor Böcek said, “With our 25 years of political experience, we will manage Antalya with our common minds. While we were making election declaration, we didn't produce crazy projects. We prepared these projects with the contributions of professors from Akdeniz University and the heads of professional chambers. We all have Antalya. Together we will do beautiful things ”.


Mustafa Balcı, Antalya Branch President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers said that the project visit was very beneficial for them and said: “3. Etap Rail System has been on the agenda of our room for a long time and we have been following it. We wanted to listen to you and our authorized friends from the mouth and see the applications in place. Thank you for responding positively to this request. We would like to see that this cooperation that you provide with the professional chambers in Antalya will be reflected in the country. ”

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