Scandalous Remarks from the Judge in the Second Hearing of the Ankara YHT Accident Case

ankara yht accident trial, the second hearing, the court president
ankara yht accident trial, the second hearing, the court president

The second hearing of the lawsuit, which took place in Ankara in December 2018 on the high-speed train accident, three of which were machinists, died in Ankara Courthouse. The head of the court told the victim that he was afraid of getting on the train after the accident, where the injured survived the accident.

According to the news of Serkan Talan from Newspaper WallThe second hearing of the lawsuit opened against 13 defendants in Ankara on December 2018, 10 regarding the high-speed train accident in which nine people died and dozens were injured started at the 30th Assize Court in Ankara.

10 defendants were heard in the first hearing of the case related to the accident that occurred as a result of the collision between the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which was traveling between Ankara and Konya, and the guide train for controlling the rails. The second hearing will continue with the statements of the relatives and injured of those who lost their lives in the accident.


The first hearing of the lawsuit against the accident took place on 13 January. At the first hearing, he had decided to release the motion officer Sinan Yavuz and traffic controller Emin Ercan Erbey, who had been held in prison for more than a year, and to continue the detention of train officer Osman Yıldırım.


Hakan Çavdar, the survivor of the accident, was the first to testify. Stating that he was complaining from all those responsible, Çavdar said, “I was going to work in Konya during the incident. I stayed home for two months inoperable. ”

People's Liberation Party lawyer Doğan Erkan stated that they want to participate in the case through a member of TCDD. "We are dependent on cotton yarn in Turkey," said Erkan, "I was a parliamentary candidate in this city. This city is governed by rent. Let us manage science instead of rent. Cahit Turan complained about those who received Binali Yıldırım, Lütfi Elvan and signaling tender, which had fallen by the Ministry of Transport until 2016 ”.

Adem Şahin Çetin, one of the survivors who were wounded by the accident, who said, "I have no place left unbroken," said, "My psychology is broken. I am also complaining about the defendants and non-defendants. ” Another injured Ahmet Elmas said, “I was wounded from my knee. I was treated at the hospital. I do construction works I could not go to work for 40 days. I complain about the defendants. ” Aydın Can Akdur, another injured survivor, said, “There is not much to tell. I complain about all the defendants to find justice. ”


Burcu Borulday, who is a health worker and injured, said, “I am complaining about the most authorized person since such a system was opened before it was fully established. I received psychological treatment for about a year and I still cannot sleep alone. I do not know if you will take the high speed train after the last hearing, but I will not. ”

The court president said, “There is no need to be so pessimistic. Our judge friend goes to Konya and goes. ” Injured Borulday said after these statements, "I keep saying that I do not take the high-speed train to every person I see."

Ayşe Nevin Sert, one of the injured survivors who said she still got on the train due to her job, said, “I was thoroughly pessimistic after the first hearing. What was spoken here scared me even more about the train. I complain about everyone. ”

"There was a proverb that fear had no use in haste," said the president of the court.

Fevzi Karayel, whose rib was broken in the accident and remained in intensive care for a week, said, “He made fun of people on social media. İsa Apaydın I complain about everyone, especially. Former TCDD General Manager who said that we have left a very successful year behind İsa Apaydın"I am particularly complaining about."

Gizem Nida Çınar, who survived the accident and said that she received psychological treatment, said, “I am still using drugs. I am a complainant. ” After these words, the president of the court said, "I don't use those drugs." On these words, Çınar, who survived the accident injured, replied, "I cannot be good without those drugs."

"I am complaining about those who took my daughter from me," said Esma Yilmaz, the mother of Kubra Yilmaz, who died in the accident. Kübra Yılmaz's fiancee Turhan Sapancı said, “We had a great pain. While I was going to build a happy home, my life was shattered in an instant while I was dreaming of loving the son. I complain about those responsible, ”he said.

Who is tried?

Osman Yıldırım, who is still under arrest in the high-speed train accident case, is the other seven defendants without remand for Emin Ercan Erbey and Sinan Yavuz who were released in the first case:

HT YHT Ankara Director Duran Yaman, YHT Traffic Service Manager Ünal Sayıner, TCDD Safety and Quality Management Department Head Erol Tuna Aşkın, TCDD Traffic and Station Management Department Head Mükerrem Aydoğdu, YHT Ankara Station Deputy Director Kadir Oğuz, Branch Manager Recep Kutlay, Traffic Service Deputy Director Ergun Tuna. Müdür

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