Ankara YHT Accident Case 2 Evacuation

ankara yht accident evacuation case
ankara yht accident evacuation case

In the trial of 2018 defendants related to the YHT disaster in Ankara in 10, the court decided to continue the arrest of Osman Yildirim, the train organizer Osman Yildirim, and the prisoner Sinan Yavuz and the traffic controller Emin Ercan Erbey.

YHT engaged in Ankara-Konya flights, 13 December 2018 Yenimahalle district Marshaland Station collided with the road train to control the road. Nine people lost their lives in the disaster, 86 people were injured.

A court case was filed in Ankara 10 th High Criminal Court on charges of olma causing death and injury of more than one person hakkında for 15 people.

The trial of 3 defendants, 7 of whom are detained and 10 of them are pending, started the first hearing in the 30th High Criminal Court. The hearing room was filled by those who lost and injured near the disaster.


One dayBurcu Cansu'nun according to the news; Tren Detained defendants train station officer Osman Yıldırım, movement officer Sinan Yavuz, traffic controller Emin Ercan Erbey and the arrested defendants YHT Ankara Station Deputy Director Kadir Oğuz, Deputy Traffic Service Deputy Director Ergün Tuna, YHT Traffic Service Manager Ünal Sayıner, YHT Ankara Director Duran Yaman , Branch Manager Recep Kutlay, TCDD Traffic and Station Management Department Mükerrem Aydoğdu, TCDD Safety and Quality Management Department Head Erol Tuna Aşkın, appeared before the judge for the first time.


In March 2016, Gülermak-Kolin Partnership and TCDD signed a contract for the High Speed ​​Train line. According to the agreement, the system between Ankara and Kayaş had to be completed in January 2018 and the Ankara-Sincan line where the disaster took place in October 2017.

The contract was signed for 36 months, although the deadline for the completion of the project was 17 months. Before the June 24 elections, the açılış political show açılış was opened before the signaling system was completed.

While the warnings by BTS of the invitations to the disaster were not taken into consideration by the AKP Government, the disaster occurred on 13 December 2018.

After the disaster, BTS said in a statement, önce We have warned the authorities before opening this line. If the signaling system worked, it wouldn't be an accident. This system controls traffic on railways. This signaling is capable of preventing even if there is a working fault here. This line opened on 12 April before the election. We made our warnings at that time and said there was no signaling. Ild

UM I thought I had changed the line ”

In the indictment, the train station officer Osman Yildirim made his defense because the accused alleged that the accident occurred because he forgot to change the scissors that allowed the trains to enter different rails according to their direction of departure.

Yıldırım said, um I thought I did it, but I didn't. It was an accident because the train that had to go on Line 2 went from Line 1 ”.

Since the heating system did not work on the scissors, Yıldırım stated that the scissors were frozen and told the following about the event day:

Makas The scissor M74 was not working and was never shown to me. Since the workers were working overtime, they did not employ the workers after 23.00 to avoid overtime. I didn't know I was the only one that day. At 4-5 o'clock, Eryaman was receiving frost warnings on the scissors. I was trying to build the 12th route on the order of the operations officer. He had ice and the scissors were frozen. There was no heating system in the shears. Normally there is heating system in the scissors but it did not work. I had trouble making scissors. The officer said there was a train on the 13th. I dealt with it and I did it. This time I went to make the 11th-way scissors that crashed.

My hands and feet were frozen. I've been cold since 4-5. I probably didn't lock it. I went into the cabin. I did the 11's scissors. Making scissors wrong is a common occurrence on the railway. They have not taken measures for this. The train passed in front of me but it is impossible to see which is even. Then the accident occurred and I went into shock. I'm still in shock. ”

Yildirim, the president of the court "scissors did you" question, "I thought I did not have," he replied.

Lightning, "the weather is cold, my only work and training did not make me mistake," he said.


Osman Yildirim's lawyer Mehmet Eker said, “Some lines have more than one pair of scissors and all of them need to be arranged. On the day of the incident Lightning was tasked with the arrangement of multiple scissors. My client had five other trainings he had to take, and none of them. Hiçbir


Answering the questions of lawyer Eker Yildirim,

“The scissor shack did not have a cleaning tool for snow cleaning. The cabin was not where I could see the M74 scissors. There were no red, green flags used for warning in the hut ”.


Şt Was there a control system that the scissors were properly replaced? Was there any signaling? Would the accident be prevented if signaling? Ik

Lightning, "electronic warning system did not signal, though would not be an accident," he replied.


Defendant Sinan Yavuz, a motion officer, stated the following in his defense:

Im It's my duty to drive a train. I sent the guide train first thing on the accident. Then I waited for the guarantee from Osman Yildirim. After a while, Yildirim called me and told me that there was no locking sound on the M90 ​​scissors. I told him to slow down on the train coming. I called Yildirim on the technical phone while the train entered. She said there's no problem because the scissors clear the ice jam.

It was stated that the guide train came to Eryaman. M74 Scissors separating line 1 and line 2. Approval is required through the system. I followed your approval. A few minutes later, traffic control called. 06:30 I called the driver and sent the train. Since there's no signal system, there's no way to notice. There's no way we can track it, and there's no way to know which line it's going on.

On average, 60 trains run daily. From December 74 onwards, the M9 was constantly changing for 5-10 minutes depending on the traffic situation. Lines 1 and 2 had been opened for nine months. I was able to deliver on that day just as every day. ”


Emin Ercan Erbay, the arrested accused traffic controller, said in his defense:

“The day of the event began routinely. I can't see the position of the scissors from where I sit. I accept the statement as basis. I did what I do every day.

The signaling system ends in Xinjiang. I don't have a system that shows the direction of the trains on the dashboard. If it were, none of us would be here today. ”

In the hall, the reaction often “people would not die if the signalization” rose.


Deputy Director of TCDD Train Station Kadir Oğuz stated the following in his defense:

“I have been working in Ankara since 2006. I was working between 08:00 and 18:00 on weekdays. I was resting in my house on the day of the accident.

Personnel planning takes into account the train density within 24 hours.

23: 00-07: 00 there is a person on night watch. When scissor movements are compared, if there is only one person and two people, the staff at hand is insufficient. It's impossible to put two people on duty with seven staff. ”


“When it comes to training, there is a 5-day order to adapt to the new workplace. When Osman Yıldırım came, we were doing the maneuvers from the east. On the first day he came to learn the principles of traveling both west and east. We don't teach a 30-year-old scissor to use scissors. Harmony training is given, where to eat, where to rest.

Record or not, said the documents, we give the trainings in the field for the documents we organize later.

As for button training, let me say that it is not a complication of making scissors, but a facilitator. There is no case that the scissors cannot be changed because the button is inserted. It can also be made with arm.

On 9 December, Osman Yıldırım had his first night watch. There were three people in the next seizure, it was seen that he knew how to use the scissors. He's on night shift at 12. Failure to sign training documents does not mean that he does not know how to use scissors.

Osman Yildirim said that the waiting hut was cold and that there wasn't even a door. It's got everything in it and it's a temporary place. He said there was no flag, but there is. These trains have a minute stop at the top of the scissors. He goes in after the green flag is shown. It was mentioned that there were no brooms in winter. Scissors have all the materials to intervene. It's true there's no heating system for scissors. Cleaning the freezing shears, making them work is not the problem of train officials. He did it himself. I have no fault in the formation of the accident. ”


“The drivers go to the right of the travel path in multiple lines. Ordered to go on Line 1. Line 1 and line 2 are open on the day of the accident. According to the legislation line 1 would go. I don't know why the mechanics didn't question why it went off line 2. ”


When Osman Yildirim's lawyer asked if there were many trainings to be provided according to the regulation, Kadir Oguz said, “These trainings were not given because Osman Yildirim came with temporary training. These trainings are given by permanent staff ”.


Shear shows the direction, in the case of scissors ball in which the machinist would be better in terms of understanding the way it would be better understood Oguz, I did not make a written statement for the lack of shears, ”he said.


Oğuz'a defendant lawyers stating that the staff demanded, "The court asked the Ankara Gar'dan document will come with your signature if you want?" He asked. Oğuz, acting as the Deputy Director of Ankara Station, asked the question: ır It is removed from the archive. It comes with my writing..


Among the defendants' lawyers, there was discussion about the questions directed to Oğuz. Sonrası He is the responsible general manager. In the imposed system, neither this defendant nor some defendants have jurisdiction. We want to judge the real responsible. ” After the applause of the defendants' relatives in the courtroom, the president of the court said, “This is not a movie theater”.


The court decided to continue the detention of train organization officer Osman Yildirim, detained trial officer Sinan Yavuz and traffic controller Emin Ercan Erbey decided to evacuate.

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