Ankara Parking Lots for Tea Sugar Money

Ankara car parks are rented for tea sugar
Ankara car parks are rented for tea sugar

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department is preparing to take new measures on many issues, from peddlers to beggars and staffs, which undermine the work of the artisans who pay their taxes.

While the Metropolitan Police took action to permanently eliminate chronic problems threatening the peace and security of Ankara residents, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç said that they adopted the vision of “Abundance and Peace” by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas. Within the scope of this vision, Atatürk Boulevard and its connected streets starting from Ulus Atatürk Statue and extending to Çankaya Mansion will be permanently cleaned from all peddlers, beggars and staffs.


The number of Police teams will be increased and controls will be tightened in the region that includes Atatürk Boulevard, which is located in the heart of the city, Ulus, Sıhhiye, Kızılay and Çankaya, and İzmir, Sakarya, Meşrutiyet and Tunalı Hilmi Streets.

Underlining that the practices of mobile salesmen, beggars and staffs who do not suit Başkent will be discontinued strictly and continuously, Koç gave the following information:

“We are thinking of removing street stalls, beggars and staffs that do not suit Başkent. This is our debt to the shopkeepers who pay their taxes and pay the shop rent. Because we cannot put our tradesmen who sell the same product in extremely unsanitary conditions in exhaust fumes without paying taxes and our tradesmen who sell in accordance with the hygiene rules that pay their taxes. If necessary, staff will be assigned every 7 meters at these points on a 24/100 basis. ”


Pointing out that the most intense complaints received from the ALO 153 Blue Table are related to the peddlers, beggars and staffs in this region, the Police Department Head Mustafa Koç said, “We will definitely end these complaints. All Ankara will see that we will implement a sharp and sudden change in a way that will attract the attention of our people. I can predict that we will get some reaction, but we are determined to meet the reactions we will receive. A capital city worthy of the 100th anniversary of our republic will bear the signature of Mansur Yavas. ”


Emphasizing that parking auctions are leased for a long time and well below their real values, Koç made important evaluations about parking lots:

“We, as the Police Department, give the licenses of commercial parking lots. The fact that the parking lots have been rented for 20-25 years without a mechanism to prevent the transfer to a subcontractor puts us in a legal handicap. The contract will be 1-2 years or 5 years as long as you may not know the mayor's term of office. When we started this business, I saw that a car park earning 400 thousand liras per month cannot pay 20 thousand liras rent to the municipality. A municipality that accepts this is feeding the right of Ankara. Our municipality is working on this issue in Administrative Courts. We take decisions in our favor. Instead of renting the parking lots to someone else, our Municipality will run them within the scope of ANPARK application via BELTAŞ. You will surely find the right place, Ankara will get the service it deserves. We will earn those car parks both to Ankara residents and to the municipality of those car parks. ”


Explaining that businesses have started to work on advertising totems that are disproportionate to their size and threatening the security of life and property of citizens in adverse weather conditions, Koç said, “We cleaned the airport, Konya, Eskişehir Road and Turan Güneş, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman and İncek Boulevards from advertising totems. On the way to Istanbul, the works continue. We will never allow inappropriate totems, ”he said.

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