Ankara Metropolitan Commercial Taxi Survey Is Organized

ankara buyuksehir organizes commercial taxi survey
ankara buyuksehir organizes commercial taxi survey

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide safe and quality transportation service in the capital city, organizes a “Commercial Taxi Questionnaire” to solve the problems of the taxi drivers and to get their opinions on the prepared directive.

Metropolitan Municipality, 7 thousand 701 taxi owners sent SMS messages to their mobile phones and asked them to participate in the survey. In the questionnaire consisting of 9 questions; There are issues regarding the protection of life and property safety of passengers as well as drivers, ensuring that the work is carried out in a certain order, and the integrity of traffic safety in the city. In the last part of the survey, taxi drivers are also asked to provide their opinions and suggestions about the directive and other issues.

In the survey, the opinions of the tradesmen about the rights and obligations of taxi license holders and drivers, the design of taxi stands, the integration of technological applications into the vehicles are also received.


In Ankara, where there are the highest number of taxis by population, the vehicles working informally will be terminated in order to ensure the traffic order and to correct the image of the taxi drivers, with the instruction of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas to make an application that will not put any burden on the tradesmen.

Fatih Eryılmaz, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Fatih Eryilmaz, who pointed out that the incidents involving indifference and uncontrolled persons, which have been impaired, damaged the reputation of taxi drivers, before the citizen.

“We prepared a directive that would satisfy all parties. We observed that Ankara should comply with local conditions. Our aim is to get the opinions of the citizens and taxi drivers. There have been many terrorist incidents in Ankara in the past. It was determined as a result of the research that these people used taxis. It was necessary to take a precaution. The aim of the directive is to recover the image of our taxi drivers who are trying to deteriorate and enable our people to use these vehicles safely. Since taxis have not been registered until today, a confusion reigns over this issue. Arrangements will also benefit our taxi drivers. There are many circulars published by the Ministry of Interior. All these electronic systems are included in our directive for the safety of the city and the order of the taxis. Another benefit of our arrangement is to protect our taxi drivers against the Uber vehicle system. Since there is no improvement in terms of comfort in taxis, taxis have become preferred by our citizens. Here, we want our taxi drivers to be protected both today and tomorrow, and we will ensure this. As a municipality, we have to make a technological improvement for them. Uber or another company should enter this area and not play with anyone's bread. Who is working in which taxi is important for our citizens? Does it have the necessary qualifications and the conditions required to become a taxi driver? We need to know them as much as citizens. ”


Stating that they also provide information to taxi drivers and citizens to get their views, Eryılmaz said:

“To date, we have guaranteed the continuity of our taxi drivers' rights, and we continue to receive them. We have taken into consideration both the legal rights of taxi driver tradesmen that have been formed in Ankara so far, and the taxi stands and taxi signs that have been formed as a location and we have ensured them to be under legal security. They may be the ones who want to raise doubt on the mind of our taxi drivers. Let them be absolutely certain In this directive, with the instruction of our President Mansur Yavas, there is no issue that will bring additional burden to our taxi drivers. Our aim is to assist the taxi driver to set certain standards and to help the public move safely and comfortably as a municipality. While preparing this directive, we received the opinions of all state institutions. We inform our taxi drivers by informing them by message. If necessary, we will take the opinions of our citizens and optimize our directives. ”

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