23 years in Germany transport

years in germany transports
years in germany transports

International trade constitutes the general situation of the mutual exchange of countries with each other. Our country has been continuing trade since the past with almost all of its border neighbors and overseas countries. In this context, while our trade with some countries is normal, some of them are going through intense periods. One of the countries where we have intensive commercial activities is Germany, which is the locomotive of Europe.

Within the scope of export and import agreements and works with Germany, the logistics sector is also very active. many shipping provider regarding the transportation of export goods from Germany to Turkey to import goods from Germany to Turkey has been operating. Shah Global Logistics is one of the leading companies in the sector. Shipping companies Germany One of the most prominent features that make us stand out is our efforts to focus on customer satisfaction by pushing financial gains aside.

With the principles and vision we have established, our company, which is the primary choice of exporters and importers, has the ability to evaluate and finalize all the demands coming from its structure by spreading its logistics activities to a wide area such as complete truck transport, partial transport, clearance external heavy transport, frigo truck transport and container transport. . Shipping to germany Shah Global Logistics, which is highly experienced in the sector since it is quite old in the sector, is progressing in its 7/24 working understanding with its Turkish and foreign license plate vehicles, experienced drivers dominating the German roads and professional operation team who have full details of this line.

Our operations team, which takes all the German transportation requests in written or verbally into the data processing center of our company, provides immediate feedback to its customers in the shortest time and offers the most suitable freight and transportation conditions to meet the expectations. Regardless of whether the demands are in the sense of road or sea, our team has made efforts to carry out many projects in the German transportation activities from past to present and to complete the problems smoothly.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Bursa Transportation

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