Will Adapazarı Train Station be moved to Kent Park?

Will the adapazari train station be moved to the city park?
Will the adapazari train station be moved to the city park?

Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce announced that they wanted to move the Adapazarı Train Station in Kent Park.

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Sakarya Deputy Ali İhsan Yavuz, met with his party's deputies, Provincial Chairman and Mayor and press members. Apart from Yavuz, AK Party Sakarya Deputies Recep Uncuoğlu, Kenan Sofuoğlu, Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever and Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce attended the breakfast program.

Answering the question about the Light Rail System at the meeting, Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce said that the Adapazarı Station can be moved.

Yüce said, “We have taken the work done so far and renewed our work with relevant experts by forming a team again. It was important that we set up a route. We start from the bus station. From here to SATSO, Etbalık, Sakar Baba Caddesi, Bosna Caddesi and Gar.

The second route. From Jerusalem Street, Imam Hatip School, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Street to Serdivan. From there, we want to go to the SAU campus by tunnel. At the meeting with Tuvasas last week, the General Manager of TÜVASAŞ shared an important issue with us. KabataşThere is a push-pull system from Taksim to Taksim. He said, do not enter the tunnel, let's put a push-pull system It made sense. We talked to Serdivan Mayor about where we can do the station. We have dealt with a few places. Studies are coming to an end. We have 100 thousand students and we want to make a single bus station with the university. We had a thought about it. We stood there, we thought about the gate. We said how we can solve this place. The most practical solution was: Let's not break the station. There is 1 meters between 250 passage and the station. There is a station you know in front of the Zoning Department. 2. Let's build a station up to the section up to the gate of the ground. Let's recreate between the station and the 1st crossing. If necessary, let's make that escalator. We get rid of the level crossing. In this regard, we did not put the city's opinions into the project together. We are at the stage of thinking that we have not poured into the project right now. ”

Yüce also said that negotiations with a financial institution are continuing either to solve the light rail system financing with either Build Operate Transfer or credit. (I candidates)

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