When will Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport Metro be put into service?

When will gayrettepe istanbul airport metro line go into service
When will gayrettepe istanbul airport metro line go into service

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro Project First Rail Welding Ceremony. Erdogan wished to be instrumental to the charity of the project, they are familiar with Turkey in the last 17 years of history's greatest project, recalling that they perform an important part of this project in Istanbul, Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport said he approached the end of the Metro Project.

Emphasizing that Istanbul Airport, which was opened with a capacity of 90 million passengers in the first place and which has the opportunity to grow up to 200 million passengers, is one of these giant projects, Erdoğan said:

“Our airport to our city kazanOf course, we did not neglect the transportation dimension. With the opening, the airport operator has already started its own bus services. In order to facilitate and accelerate public transportation, we immediately rolled up our sleeves for the construction of the metro line. This metro route, which has a total length of 37,5 kilometers and consists of 9 stations, is also connected to all other public transportation lines in Istanbul. Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport metro line is the fastest excavation project of our country. As stated by our Honorable Minister, we are successfully continuing this process, in which 10 excavation machines operate at once. 94 percent of the excavation works and a significant part of the tunnels have been completed. We have reached a realization rate of approximately two-thirds throughout the project. Now we begin the laying of the tracks. Our goal is to install 24 meters of rail per day with 470 hours of uninterrupted work.”

“First Fast Metro Title Kazanwill"

President Erdoğan explained that the rails and fastening materials of the project were produced by local companies and laid by Turkish engineers and workers. Stating that the signaling system and metro wagons of this line will be realized in the meantime, Erdoğan said, “We cannot consent to the importation of any work that can be produced in our country, especially in this critical period we are going through. I believe that any mistakes made in this regard will be corrected immediately. Likewise, when completed, the fastest metro vehicles of our country will operate at 120 kilometers per hour. Thus, it also became the first high-speed metro of our country. kazanWith this line, the transportation between Airport and Gayrettepe will be provided in 35 minutes.” he said.

Erdogan stated that their target is to put the first 28 kilometers of the section up to Hasdal into service at the end of this year, the Kagithane section in April 2021 and Gayrettepe in August 2021.

President Erdogan said that after the Marmaray and Eurasia, the new tunnel, which will pass under the Bosphorus, has also completed the survey projects of the Grand Istanbul Tunnel.

Expressing that this project is a rail system with a fast metro character that will connect 6,5 different rail system lines that will be used by 11 million passengers per day, Erdoğan stated that the tender preparation works of the Great Istanbul Tunnel are continuing.

Erdoğan, Gebze as a continuation of Marmaray Halkalı He explained that they have modernized the suburban lines from the beginning to the end, and when they became the Metropolitan Mayor, the length of the rail system of Istanbul was approximately 34 kilometers, and today they serve Istanbul with a rail system of 233 kilometers.

Destination 190 km Tunnel and 1100 km Subway

Erdogan also stated that the construction of the tunnels up to 14,2 km in length and the metro lines of 288 km in length are also continuing.

“Our goal is to make Istanbul the most widespread transportation network in the world, with tunnels reaching 190 kilometers and metro lines of 1100 kilometers. Our Ministry of Transport has carried out 318 kilometers of the 165-kilometer rail system network that still serves or is under construction. Because the projects of Istanbul are too important to be left to the local administrations of this city, they are vital and big. We serve Istanbul, which is the showcase and the pupil of our country, with a joy of worship. We also undertake big projects as a government in all 81 provinces, and offer the services that our nation needs quickly and effectively. For us, competition in service takes precedence over political competition. If a city needs service, we do not look at the rate of votes, deputies and the municipality there. Each of our ministries makes their determinations in their own fields, completes their preparations and starts working. Here katbekat this understanding of all those made in the 17 years history of the Republic of Turkey we were able to take over the entire service. We endeavored to embrace each of our 82 million people in everything from education to health, from transportation to energy, from mass housing to sports, from the urban infrastructure to social benefits. ” used expressions.

Map of Istanbul Metro

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