Attention to Candidates Appointed to TCDD by 2828 Social Services Law

to the attention of candidates assigned to tcddye by social services law
to the attention of candidates assigned to tcddye by social services law

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) settled candidates, up to the 07.02.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX date together with the required documents TCDD General Directorate of Human Resources Department of Appointment and Separation Branch or our Regional Office (Haydarpasa-Ankara-Izmir-Sivas-Malatya and Adana Afyon) Human Resources They must apply to the Service Directorates in person.


1) Health Board Report (Full-fledged State Hospitals or Official University Hospitals) The medical board reports obtained after the announcement date of the placement results settled within the scope of Law No. 2828 shall be valid. To be appointed in the reports of the Health Board Details to be specified;

  • Color Inspection (ishihora test)
  • Vision Degrees (right-left eye specified separately)
  • Screening Test (for stimulants and drugs)
  • Hearing Examination (average of pure sound as a result of audiometry)

2) 2 copies of Notary Certified Diploma (If the original of the diploma is presented, the photocopy of the diploma will be approved by the TCDD official.)

3) 2 Discharge Certificates (For those who have served in the military service) or Military Status Certificate (Those who have deferred) (E-government is valid.)

4) 2 Number Certified Identity Card Sample (If the original identity card is submitted, the photocopy of the identity card will be approved by the TCDD official.)

5) 2 Social Security Institution long-term service breakdown (via E-government)

6-) 1 KPDS / YDS Result Document (Required for applicants who have placed KPDS / YDS requirement in KPSS Preference Guide).

7) Residence (Settlement and Other Address Document via E-government)

8) 4 Pieces Photo

9) 2 Criminal Records (E-government is valid.)

10) 1Pcs Plastic file, 2pcs shirt file

11)Forms (Click on the forms to make transactions)

(Sample Forms)

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