Sakarya SGK Interchange Process Officially Started

The process for sgk junction officially started
The process for sgk junction officially started

In the January Assembly Meeting, 61 articles were discussed and resolved. Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, ık We have started the process for the project we will build at the SSI Interchange which has a very important place in the transportation of our city. SGK Intersection will end from time to time with the density of vehicles in the region and transportation will be comfortable. Good luck. ” President Yüce, Sabiha Gokcen Airport announced that the work began for transportation.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality January Assembly Meeting was held in the Assembly Hall of the Metropolitan Municipality. In the meeting where a total of 9 agendas were discussed with 61 additional agenda items following the off-the-agenda speeches, Mayor Ekrem Yüce explained the works carried out in December and January; and some important items included in the agenda items. Mayor Yuce, who wishes the Assembly to be instrumental in charity, announced that the work on Sakarya will continue in full swing.

Process started for SSI Interchange

Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “First of all, we are officially starting the process for the project, which has a very important place in the transportation of our city and we will build at the SSI Interchange. With the SSK Multi-Storey Junction, the density of vehicles will end from time to time in the region and transportation will be comfortable. Again, I would like to share a further development in transportation. Transportation to Sabiha Gökçen Airport has been demanded for many years. With the decision of the Assembly, we will also start going to the airport. I would like to thank the companies that transport to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. We don't intend to shut them down. First we will perform multi-series and then intermittent transport service. I must also open a parenthesis on Turkey's domestic automakers. I would like to thank to all those who contributed to our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who made the dream of our country a reality of 60 years. I am proud of this work which is a proud picture of our country. I also declare once again that we aspire to 54 domestic, national and electric domestic cars to be used in the services of our Metropolitan Municipality. ”

Streets get a sample look

Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that the services towards the city continue and said: ık We have completed our works on Lüleci Street and Alifuatpaşa Suat Yalkın Street. Erenler Hacıoğlu Neighborhood Şehit Yaşar Güller Street also continues our work. We are building a street worthy of Hacıoğlu. You know, the National Garden is about to be completed. Taking into account the number of vehicles that will increase in the region when opened, we turn the entire summer street into a double road. In 2019, we laid 304 thousand tons of asphalt on 426 kilometers of road routes. I want to announce here; Hopefully, in 2020, we will continue our work with an understanding that spans the entire city. Except for the main roads, it is more advantageous to make concrete instead of asphalt. We consider it to be local, practical, hygienic and economical ”.

New projects of the city are completed

Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “Our Hendek Fire Brigade is completing rapidly and we have started to work for the Children's Academy in Erenler. We aim to start the summer. We are constructing 24 new schools with 2 classrooms in the area where Adapazarı Anatolian Imam-Hatip High School and military housing units are located. Our work has started. Of course, we cannot talk about Nostalgic Tram. We have announced our project which will bring a new breath to the aesthetics and beauty of our city and covers the axis of Millet Garden from Yeni Mosque. We started to work for the tram that will be built on a thousand 800 meters route. We accelerated our efforts in Karaman Park. We will serve our citizens ”.

Melen Botanical Valley

Mayor Yüce argued that they would spread environmental awareness to all of Sakarya and that a conscious society should be created. “We did not compromise our environmental sensitivity. We offer trainings to instill environmental awareness in our future children. With SEKAY, we generate electricity from waste and evaluate domestic waste. In order to prevent noise pollution, we will complete the Noise Map in 2020 with the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. We recently signed a protocol with the Regional Directorate of Forestry for Melen Botanic Valley. We will enrich both sides with linden and acacia trees. In the middle will be cycling and next to the pedestrian path. The 7-kilometer area will include medicinal plants. We'il put 70 species in that valley. We will have created a valley of fragrance, health and beverage. Under the bridges, we're going to build honey casings. In this way, we will improve beekeeping with various plants. In completely hygienic environments, XNUMX% natural and pure healthy royal jelly is now being met with the assurance of the Metropolitan Municipality. We will also implement our Honey Houses Project in our city. ”

May our decisions be beneficial to our city

Culture and art activities will continue in 2020. The Social Development Center and SAMEKs are at the service of our children, young people and our families. There is an extreme interest in SGMs. They are very pleased with us. Because of the seasonal conditions, for orphaned, needy citizens, we say 'Nobody Stay on the Street'. I would like to invite both the district municipalities and the members of the Assembly as well as our entire city to be sensitive about this issue and ask them to inform them when they encounter such a situation. The more we help our victims, the more important it is. May the Lord make good decisions to our city. Let our unity and solidarity be permanent. ”

Decisions of the Assembly

Article 1 from 19 to Zoning and Public Works, Article 20 as it comes from the legal commission was adopted by majority vote. Articles 21 to 45 referred to the Reconstruction and Public Works Commission and the 30th article was amended unanimously to be submitted to the Reconstruction and Public Works Commission. Article 46 was unanimously referred to the Plan and Budget Commission. Articles 47 to 51 were unanimously accepted. 52. Under the scope of the inspection committee MHP Mehmet Ir, AKP Karahasan Mustafa, Yakup Ayar, Cemil Kocacik, Elite Akca. It was unanimously adopted from Article 53 to Article 58. The 59th article was unanimously referred to the Legal Commission and the 60th and 61th Article to the Zoning and Public Works Commission.

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