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Kahramanmaras light rail project is on the shelf
Kahramanmaras light rail project is on the shelf

Kahramanmaraş former Metropolitan Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç's project, the light rail system is on the shelf. What do the Mayor Güngör and AK Party MPs think about the light rail system, which will significantly ease transportation in the city?

Citizens who suffer from transportation problem in Kahramanmaraş Kahramanmaraş former Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoç project and announced the gospel to the citizen wondered about the stage of work on the Light Rail System.

Erkoç said in 2017 that “work on the light rail system is continuing ve and“ We believe that there will be no traffic problems in Kahramanmaraş at the end of 2018 konuş.

Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, in 2018 said the following; Ik We made our Great Transportation Master Plan tender. We have officially started the work of the Rail System. Since our inception, we have met with many companies, especially from the Far East. Now we will do the project of the Light Rail System first, then we will proceed to the installation of the system ”.


So, at what stage has metropolitan municipality reached the light rail system? Since the continuity is essential in the state, will the works started for the Light Rail System continue? How will the problem of transportation in Kahramanmaraş become a torment? Citizens, Mayor of Kahramanmaras Hayrettin Gungor wants to take the necessary steps as soon as possible about the light rail system.


There are different systems of public transport for the city, all of which have characteristics and scale. After making a transportation master plan, we will make it according to which of these public transportation means. Now the bus system has been very nice, we will do whatever project is the priority, taking into consideration the geographical structure, population situation and number of passengers.

Basjan Gungor is expected to share with the public how he has done this work in the last 9 months. (Haber46)

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