Workers of Istanbul Metro Construction Describe: Salaries Are Irregular, Meals Kurtlu

Istanbul metro construction talks about the workers, salaries, irregular dishes, worms
Istanbul metro construction talks about the workers, salaries, irregular dishes, worms

Security workers affiliated with Vizyon Group Management Company, a subcontractor of Şenbay-Kolin-Kalyon Construction Partnership at Dudullu-Bostancı subway sites of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality We are on the bosses networkHe spoke to.

Workers, one of whom was laid off about 3 months ago and the other is still working, said that since February 2019, they have not been able to receive regular wages and poor working conditions.

'I've been dismissed in an unfair place, I did not get my indemnity'

The dismissed laborer “I was dismissed on the pretext that he was asleep while I was working for 2.5 years. The truth is that when I tried to pay for the money I got in the shed, they took a picture of me from a distance, and they dismissed it. So I didn't get my compensation. My salary is about 3 months old. They knew I had debts, I knew I needed them. For some reason, I don't ask for payments that are not accepted. Because they need inexperienced, low-paying employees who don't make a sound. There are dozens of victims like me, who have been dismissed on various pretexts. Many of our friends cannot speak out of the fear of unemployment, but none of them cannot be thrown away, if they do not have a torpedo. ”

Were Were Were Meals, They Were Missing

Normally they need to work for 2 days during the day and 2 days for the night shift, but a worker who says that they are frequently called to work on the same day, said they even gave up their work clothes. Wolves, corrupt, rotten food, although the company to cover the subject and continue to work with the same food company that says workers, nepotism and employees reported each other on a system established. In fact, it is claimed that even the workers' murders in the construction sites are shown as ordinary accidents and the damage to the main firms is prevented.

'Since February, salaries do not sleep regularly'

A worker who is still working in the same place ”They have not paid our wages regularly since February 2019. And when we ask, they pass. We are already receiving very low wages and a piece by piece deposit does not work, our livelihood is doubled. When the projects we are working with, they are fired instead of running elsewhere. Some of our friends signed a contract to show that they gave up their rights and gave much less than they had to pay and fired. I am going on for the time being, but there is no guarantee that the same things will not happen to me. ”

Stating that what happened to them was due to not standing together, laborers said that they could not even have their unions because they were already subcontractors and they did not know their rights because they were unorganized.

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