Wouldn't it be Better if Domestic Production is Preferred in Rail System Vehicle Tenders

If domestic production is preferred in rail system vehicle procurement tenders, would it not be better?
If domestic production is preferred in rail system vehicle procurement tenders, would it not be better?

1. Last month the tender for Konya Rail System Metro Line and Metro Vehicle was given to Chinese CRRC company for 1.2 million Euro (7 billion 900 million TL).

Last year, 272 railway system subway vehicles tender in Istanbul was awarded to Chinese CRRC company for 2 billion 448 million TL.

Did we not plan that in the 11th Development Plan by 2023 80% of the rail systems will be domestic contribution and national brand?

In accordance with our development plan, these projects have proven themselves investing and producing in our country, exporting to abroad. DURMAZLAR, BOZANKAYA, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, ASELSAN, BMC, ASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ, such as our country, our country, our national industry, because of our 15.000 engineers, technicians and workers who design and produce here. kazanHe said, wouldn't it be better if our foreign currency to go abroad stays in our country?

2.Ankara Municipality, in the past, approximately 3 billion TL for Ankapark, 51 million TL for Şentepe Teleferik, various sculptures, entrance gates, watch towers, cats, dinosaurs, including a total of 439 million TL was spent 3.5 billion TL.

For example, if the transportation problems, which are the most important problem of the capital Ankara, were solved with these money spent instead,
If Kızılay-Airport Metro Line and Kızılay-Etlik City Hospital Metro Line were built, 1800 buses or 1000 metro rail system vehicles could be purchased for the money purchased. Wouldn't it be better if the transportation problem of our capital was solved if both the bus purchase, metro line and metro vehicles were planned and built together in line with the needs of Ankara? Moreover, while we have a local and national company in Ankara, which makes tram and metro vehicles with local and national facilities.

3.If the compulsory stamp was added to the citizens who went abroad, if it had been added to the plane ticket, wouldn't it be better if they didn't lose any unnecessary time because they wouldn't get a mortar stamp at the airports?

4. Wouldn't it be better if our children who went to school and our employees went to work in the light and not in the dark even if the hours were taken back one hour?

5. There are a total of 56 km of underground lines in Ankara, capital of Turkey's non-metro airport. There is a 4 km line that is under construction and planned only as M35 Kecioren - Kizilay - Airport line. Today, the city hospital in Etlik, Ankara is about to be completed. But there is no metro line yet. In particular, the airport, the new Etlik city hospitals to be opened, universities, industrial zones, commercial centers and developing new areas, such as population density and rapid increase in areas where there is a rapid increase in time RAYLI SYSTEMS (Metro, Tram) and these systems will be integrated into the collective Wouldn't it be better if transport lines were planned and built?

Ilhami Pektas

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