If there are those who wonder if there is a train passing from Bursa, yes it does.

If anyone is wondering if the train is passing from Bursa, yes it is passing.
If anyone is wondering if the train is passing from Bursa, yes it is passing.

📩 31/01/2020 14:05

The train has been going through Piribeyler train station in Büyükorhan district, which is 105 kilometers away from Bursa city center, for 85 years, but most people in the city do not know it.

While most people living in Bursa do not know that a train passes through the city, the station on the Bursa-Balıkesir border is used by residents of Büyükorhan. Surrounding villagers and district residents go to Kütahya, Balıkesir, Eskişehir, Ankara and İzmir instead of Bursa, by taking the train. The train, which has been in service since 1935, is seen as a great boon for citizens living in the region. Citizens living in the region go everywhere by train.

Büyükorhan Mayor Ahmet Korkmaz, most people do not know that there is a train passing through Bursa, but the train passes through the 23 kilometers of soil of Bursa. It is located in Piribeyler, within the boundaries of Büyükorhan, the only train station in Bursa. From here, the train train line passes to İzmir, Balıkesir, Eskişehir, Kütahya and Ankara. Freight and passenger transport is carried out with this train. There are 6 flights a day. We would like to bring this train station to Bursa's land transportation. We had a meeting with our Minister of Transport. 34 kilometers between the station and our district, we will take this distance to the road network limit. With the renewal of the road, there is a new road work for Bursa-Orhaneli and Büyükorhan. In this way, we want to benefit from train transportation when the road from our district to the train station ends at the same time. ”


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