Everything Must Know in Tabriz train journey from Turkey

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Everything Must Know in Tabriz train journey from Turkey

One of the most crowded cities in Iran from Turkey to travel to Tabriz, which is simpler than you can imagine. You can take this train that goes to Tabriz in many big Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Kayseri and Izmir. Transasya Express travels Ankara - Tabriz route in approximately 45 hours and the road is 1200 kilometers.

The Transasya Express is the cooperation of the Turkish and Iranian railways that have decided to offer new opportunities for travelers. This route consists of two trains from Ankara to Tatvan and from Van to Tabriz and a ferry from Tatvan to Van. TransAsia Express, a unique route for Turkey's Lake Van, the largest lake, which passed with a ferry with a journey time of 3,5 hours. Passengers travel in comfortable compartments for 4 people on the train. The Transasya Express leaves Ankara every Wednesday at 14:25 and arrives in Tabriz on Friday at 10:20.

In addition, there is another train with 4-seat couchette compartment, which is the same type of Transasya Express, connecting Van and Tabriz. He leaves Van on Monday at 21:00 and arrives in Tabriz on Tuesday morning at 05:05. Both trains have food carts, so all passengers have the opportunity to taste Turkish, Persian and international cuisine. However, you can bring your own food and soft drinks to the boat. In addition, on the Transasya Express and Van-Tabriz train, all bed linen is provided, such as pillows, blankets and bed sheets for a comfortable and peaceful stay.

During your journey with Transacia Express, you will take hours of train and ferry trips, so you can expect to see spectacular landscapes, plant pictures, feel the hospitality of the locals and share unforgettable stories with other tourists.

Are you excited to travel to a completely unique village with an incredible history and wonderful places? So get ready for your new adventures and learn more about the train stops to Tabriz, prices and availability (https://transasiatrain.com/train/ankara-tabriz-train-ticket).

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