Cars Entering the Pit

Cars parked in the station
Cars parked in the station

The popular TV series Çukur collaborated with IETT and signed a social responsibility project. In the graffiti in the last part of the series, which was published on Monday, attention was drawn to the civilian vehicles parked at bus stops.

In Istanbul, where approximately 16 million people live, city bus drivers and passengers are suffering from civil vehicles parked at the bus stop. City buses cannot approach the stops due to the vehicles occupying the stops. Disabled or elderly passengers have difficulty getting on the bus. For this reason, some injuries can also occur.

IETT, who wanted to raise awareness among citizens about the occupation of bus stops by civilian vehicles, met with the producers of Çukur series. In the last part published after the meeting, the graffiti in the neighborhood was filled with slogans. The writings of "Bus stops all of us, parking at the stop, causing accidents" and "Public transport, the rest is a lie" reached the audience in the series published on Monday.

According to the law, it is forbidden to park a car up to 15 meters from either direction on the bus stop sign. However, many drivers do not obey this rule and park their vehicles at bus stops.

The Çukur series, the first episode of which was released on October 23, 2017, came before the audience with its 85th episode this week. The series is among the most watched television productions.

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