Bus Lines to Reach Marmaray Stations Relieve Metrobus

To relax the metrobus line, bus services are put into marmaray stations
To relax the metrobus line, bus services are put into marmaray stations

Traffic and transportation specialist Dr. Suat Sarı said that for those who want to cross the Anatolian side in order to relax the metrobus line, which is the most complaint subject of Istanbul, bus services should be distributed from Beylikdüzü and Avcılar by marmaray stations. Sarı emphasized that the metro line planned for the metrobus route should start as soon as possible.

SözcüAccording to the news in; “The Metrobus line that IMM has brought to life in Istanbul by taking the example from Bogoto in Colombia in 2007 always comes up with problems.

İBB Assembly's IYI Party Group SözcüTraffic and transportation expert Dr. Suat Sarı pointed out that the metrobus line, which was planned according to the capacity of 200 thousand passengers when it was commissioned, reached a carrying capacity of 1.1 million passengers a day.

He emphasized that even though it is served by 600 buses, it is not possible to provide a comfortable transportation service due to crowded travel around the clock.


Stating that purchasing new vehicles will not be enough to solve the problems in the Metrobus, Sarı said;

* There is a 5 percent passenger demand increase in the Metrobus line every year. With this departure, it will reach 2023 million passengers daily in 1,3.

Unfortunately, although it is known that the density of the line will come here, during the AKP period, the Undersecretariat of Treasury was applied in June 2019 for subway construction.

* Due to this delay, it is possible to finish this line in 2021 at the earliest if the metro construction is started in 2024 with the best estimate.


Noting the importance of directing the current density of the Metrobus line to alternative lines, Sarı made the following suggestions:

  • For example, a significant load can be taken from the metrobus line by combining it with a tram or metrobus line to be built over Hadımköy - Bahçeşehir from Beylikdüzü and the metro that will arrive in Bahçeşehir in 2012.
  • There is no connection from Metrobus line to Marmaray and İDO Yenikapı. The passenger who takes the metrobus from Beylikdüzü travels to Söğütlüçeşme to go to the Anatolian side, increasing the occupancy rate.
  • For this, the metrobus load can be distributed and the current density can be distributed with the bus lines that will depart from Beylikdüzü and Avcılar and reach the Marmaray stations by going from Menekşe and Florya routes.


Sarı also listed the features of the new metrobus vehicles to be purchased as follows:

  • Existing vehicles have a maximum capacity of 165 passengers. New vehicles should be double bellows and have a capacity of over 250 passengers.
  • There are many companies in the world that manufacture these vehicles for years. These tools should be decided as soon as possible by conducting technical inspection trips with experts.
  • Because the delivery of 50 metrobuses planned to be purchased under the best conditions will reach 2021.

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