Barriers are Disconnected in Antalya Public Transportation

Barriers remain in Antalya public transportation
Barriers remain in Antalya public transportation

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will provide voice warning system at municipal buses and stops in order to enable visually impaired citizens to reach public transportation vehicles more easily. In this way, visually impaired individuals will be able to hear which stop of the bus during the journey with the audible warning system.

The Barrier-Free Service Commission, which was established by the Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with NGOs and public institutions, held a meeting within the scope of the White Cane Visually Impaired Week. During the meeting, the studies to be made in order to enable the disabled to benefit from public transportation more comfortably were discussed.


Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department, Transportation Planning and Rail System Department and IT Department officials and disabled NGO representatives attended the meeting held at the Metropolitan Municipality Disabled Service Center.

Public transportation vehicles and stops at the meeting to provide information about the work of disabled citizens to provide easy access to the rail system in the public transport vehicles voice warning system was assessed by the implementation of the problem can be solved.


In this regard, within the last month of the studies carried out by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, the voice of signaling will be implemented in buses and stops. Thus, disabled citizens will be able to hear the bus stop during the journey with the audible warning system.

Communication Training for Drivers

At the meeting, in-service training was also planned to strengthen the communication of drivers working in public transportation with disadvantaged groups. The President of the White Stick Blind Association Kamil Çam said that the meeting would be more meaningful because of the White Stick Visually Impaired Week. kazanHe thanked Mayor Muhittin Insect for the work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality for the disabled.

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