23 Years Experience in Jordan Transportation

Annual experience in urdun transportation works
Annual experience in urdun transportation works

Our commercial connections, which are continuing within the framework of our bilateral relations with many countries that have land and sea transportation, are also maintained regularly with Jordan. Since it is among the countries of the Middle East, it is affected by the confusion in the region, and sea transportation rather than highway is made to this country.

There are many logistics companies operating in our country, Jordan. Our company Şah Global Logistics, which attracts attention with its extensive works among these companies Jordan shipping companies It is the most preferred logistics company. Turkey Our company is highly experienced in Jordan offers regular transport logistics line through the container with Turkish and foreign license plates trucks. Our company, which has close dialogues with all its customers exporting to Jordan, has successfully completed the project comprehensive transportation of many of its customers.

Şah Global Logistics, with its long-term drivers, high-model trucks and experienced operation team, which has been left behind for a quarter of a century, has continued its operations with 7/24 understanding, as well as full truck transportation to Jordan, heavy oversized transportation, frigo truck transportation. also offers container transportation and regular weekly partial and cargo services departing from Istanbul. Our company, which works in different fields such as customs clearance, storage, port services, insurance and brokerage services, as well as transportation operations Jordan shipping It continues its march towards becoming a corporate company by reflecting its experience in the sector.

Shah Global Logistics, which uses cmr insurance available vehicles in all shipments in terms of the safety of the transported products, provides trouble-free Jordan transportation services with UND membership and self-owned trucks. Our company, which offers address or customs delivery transportation to all cities of Jordan, especially Amman and Aqabe, to be taken from all regions of our country, up to 24 tons, which are planned to be exported, is in the position of the most sought-after and especially preferred company among Jordanian logistics companies. It is located.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Logistics companies

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