2020 Osmangazi Bridge Toll

year osmangazi bride departure fee
year osmangazi bride departure fee

In the early years of 2020, Osmangazi Bridge got its share and tolls were increased by 14 percent.

14% Raise to Osman Gazi Bridge

The 14 percent hike rate was also reflected in the tolls imposed on the Osman Gazi Bridge. Passenger car pass from Osmangazi Bridge to 103.05 TL to 117.90 TL, the toll from light commercial vehicles increased from 164.85 TL to 188.65 TL.

The tolls at Osman Gazi Bridge are listed as of 1 January 2020:

BOT Projects 2020 Year Osman Gazi Bridge Toll Rates
(Valid from 01/01/2020 at 00:00)

CAR CLASS Osman Gazi Bridge Fee Schedule (TL)
1 117,9
2 188,65
3 224
4 297,1
5 374,9
6 82,55
  • VAT Included

With the latest raise to go to Istanbul from Bursa was expensive 20 TL. Previously connected to Osmangazi Bridge from Gebze to Bursa North exit was made by passenger car was paid 136 TL. Now this fee has risen to 156 TL. (Istanbul box office and bridge fees)

Going from Bursa to Istanbul is expensive
Going from Bursa to Istanbul is expensive

About Osmangazi Bridge

The Osmangazi Bridge or Izmit Bay Bridge is the fourth longest span suspension bridge in the world, built between Dilovasi Dil Cape and the Altinova Hersek Cape with a total length of 5 meters and a total length of 1.550 meters.

Within the scope of Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway Project, there are 384 kilometers of highways and 49 kilometers of connecting roads including Osman Gazi Bridge. By using a bridge only, the gulf crossing will be reduced from 2 hours to 6 minutes. The new motorway is 8 kilometers shorter than the current state road and the bridge is used for bridge travel instead of about 3,5 kilometers which takes 95 hours. Since the existing state road passes through many city centers, highway speed rules are not applicable.

Map of Turkey Bridges


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