New Year's BursaRay Expedition Hours Extended

Christmas setting for Bursaray flights
Christmas setting for Bursaray flights

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has taken every precaution to ensure that citizens can spend a safe and peaceful stay on Tuesday evening, December 2019 and Tuesday, January 2020, which connects 31 to 1.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality within the boundaries of the Rail System and Bus Management Services, which conducts BURULAŞ General Directorate, citizens to travel safely and comfortably by taking all kinds of measures extended BursaRay flights. Accordingly, on Tuesday evening, December 31, BursaRay operation will continue until 02.00; The last trains will depart from Emek, University and Kestel stations at 02.00.

The city bus and BUDO services will continue in the normal course. is within reach. Our citizens will be able to report any requests and complaints about transportation to the transportation line 0850 850 99 16.

Police teams on duty

Within the scope of the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to enable the citizens to meet the New Year in a better and peaceful environment, the Municipal Police Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, on Monday, December 31 and Tuesday, January 1, Tuesday, January 444, Tuesday or January 16, 00 716 33, 00 716 33, ALO Municipality will have an on-call and motorized on-call team in order to evaluate the suggestions and complaints received from the phone number 40.

In addition, in order to eliminate all kinds of grievances and complaints of the passengers traveling by private public buses, minibuses, taxis and minibuses that provide public transportation services in the city, the Trafik Traffic Control Police Department'n is also used for the evaluation of complaints of intercity passengers at the Intercity Bus Terminal. sufficient number of personnel will be assigned to the Police Department.

Fire Department

Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, in the new year against all kinds of fire service and fire possibility, 28 different groups of 536 fire-fighting personnel and 112 vehicles, 71 volunteer group 637 volunteer firefighters will continue their duties in fire, rescue and possible disasters. In case of need, our fellow countrymen will be able to reach the fire alarm line on 110 Emergency Call Center and 716 34 17 of the fire department.

Continuous service continues

If there is a need for the emergency team in case of emergency, our fellow countrymen will be able to call 153.

BUSKI General Directorate maintenance and repair teams will serve in the new year. Citizens, water and sewer complaints about all kinds of 'ALO 185 Call Center can ask for help by reporting.

In order to assist our citizens with their wishes and complaints in all matters, the service units whose names and telephone numbers are given below will continue their work continuously.




ATTENTION: 110 - 716 34 17

ZABITA: 716 33 30



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