New High Speed ​​Train Set at Kapikule

tcdd'n siemense the first of the orders kapikulede
tcdd'n siemense the first of the orders kapikulede

New High Speed ​​Train Set in Agility: TCDD Transport Inc.'s high-speed trains ordered by the German Siemens (YHT) from the first set, debuted yesterday on Kapıkule from Europe to Turkey.

It was announced that the first YHT set, which came under the agreement with German Siemens, will be put into service in domestic flights in 2020. The moments when the new high-speed train set entered from Kapıkule were filmed

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the year 2018, 10 YHT was stuck German Siemens'le a hand to the financing provided by the Islamic Development Bank. Siemens was the best bidder for the 312 new high-speed train set tender, where the Islamic Development Bank will finance 10 million euros.

The 7 high-speed train sets ordered by the German Siemens company were put into service in 2016. 519 passenger trains are able to speed up 300 kilometers per hour.


Siemens has delivered the first of these sets. The rest will be completed within the time stipulated in the contract YHT sets and will be given to Turkey.

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