Turkish Airlines Dreamliner for New Generation Business Class

Turkish Airlines Dreamliner
Turkish Airlines Dreamliner

The long-range, twin-engine wide-body Boeing 787-9 is also known as the Dreamliner. The aircraft, which has a high humidity indoor environment due to the fact that it is produced using a high proportion of composite, promises a comfortable journey until the end. You will notice that Boeing 787-9 has much larger windows compared to other passenger planes and you will feel the spaciousness of the environment. You will be able to rest comfortably on the seats in the Business Class cabin, which can be transformed into an extremely comfortable bed thanks to the extra spaces.

We have redesigned our new generation of wide-bodied Boeing 787-9 aircraft to better serve you. We aimed to make your trip more enjoyable with our own design of seats, wider seat ranges, applications that bring ease of use to the overhead cupboards, locked storage units, ports for USB and plugs. In addition, we have created a design that appeals to your eyes with decors that match our brand identity Flow-Flow philosophy.

Being a Business Class traveler at Dreamliner is a different experience

You will be comfortable thanks to the 1 cm knee distance offered by the 2-1-111 seats in the Business Class cabin. You can also turn your chair into a 193 cm-long bed with a single click. The 18-inch screens invite you to a pleasant journey with the finest films, series and music.

In Business Class, we offer even the finest details such as touch control, adjustable light intensity reading light, storage area with lid, power unit and USB charging ports. We invite you to a wonderful trip with özel Sunrise in Cappadocia ”lighting specially designed for the cabinet.

Boeing 787-9 promises a journey that meets your expectations

Get ready for a comfortable ride on the 3 cm wide seats, which are listed in the Economy Class cab as 3-3-44. We have included 78 cm knee distance between Economy Class seats to travel comfortably as you wish. We wanted you to travel happily in Economy Class cabin where we add color with ıyla Turquoise Waves ”lighting.

Boeing 787-9

Largest windows

The Boeing 787-9 has the largest windows compared to the class of aircraft and maximizes the journey.

Relaxing journeys

The seats in the Business Class cabin can be transformed into a more comfortable and comfortable bed thanks to specially reserved spaces.

Special design seats

Our brand rising behind the "Aurora" seats resembles the sunrise. The newly designed double seats offer special space for our passengers.

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