New Logistics Centers to Improve the Competitiveness of Industry

new logistics centers will increase the competitiveness of industry
new logistics centers will increase the competitiveness of industry

Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, organized industrial zones (OIZ), special industrial zones, ports and free zones, including the 294-kilometer connecting lines, the new logistics centers by establishing these lines will increase the competitiveness of the industry, he added.

Logistics Master Plan was presented with the participation of Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan and Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan.

Varank Minister, in his speech here, in the 17 years since Turkey's transport of the distance that is qualified to serve as an example to many countries, he said.


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership, the jump ages of Turkey's transportation infrastructure and that therefore Varank stating that the strategic position is further strengthened, that the development of the situation of the industry, trade and growth in the revival of the channels of investment and stated that employs a significant contribution provides.

Varank pointed out that every step taken in the field of transportation and logistics directly affects the competitiveness of the country and said that it is important to consider and diversify logistics areas and modes of transportation together in industrial zones.


Varank said that while planning this issue, it is a great benefit not only to take into account the commercial relations of today but also the markets with potential for the future.

“That is why we have given priority to the logistics needs of our industrial zones in our 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy. In this context, we collected cargo information from all operating OIZs and industrial zones. We included the needs of the markets and industrial zones to which these loads are related. In addition, we have shared with our Ministry by mapping the distance of all industrial zones to conventional rail lines. All of these works have been shown in the Logistics Master Plan. ”


Varank also stated that they carry out a joint work with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the Strategy Budget Directorate on diversifying the transportation modes of OIZs and making the connection lines on the railways. We have a goal of building a 294-kilometer hotline, including OIZs, private industrial zones, ports and free zones. Together with these lines, we will establish new logistics centers and thus increase the competitiveness of our industry. ”

Stating that the center of the global economy has shifted from west to east and that China is leading the Belt and Road initiative is very valuable in this sense, Varank said that this initiative has provided potential for the development of local economies by providing logistics and infrastructure opportunities. Varank, so that new markets, new ways of doing business that the door opened and a new dynamism in the economy at this point and said that Turkey should play a leading role in the emerging markets using their existing advantages.

Stating that there is an opportunity to cooperate with all stakeholders in the Generation-Road initiative, Varank said, “There are no obstacles for us to be the production and technology base of European, pre-Asian and African markets. We are confident that every step we will take in the field of logistics will lead us to such goals much faster. ”

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, Turkey will accelerate to reach its goal of becoming a regional logistics base and pointing out that they determine a road map to ensure the bride become more efficient in the field of logistics, of which the most important of transit trade, the routes of commerce around the world voiced redrawn today.

Turhan, noting that logistics is a multi-dimensional field, manufacturers, consumers, transporters, exporters, other service providers and regulators, many stakeholders in this area should have a say in the steps to be taken, he said.

Turhan stated that they have aimed at achieving their targets in 2023, 2035 and 2053 with the implementation of the plan and said the following regarding the financial gains to be achieved:

“We need to build the export-oriented logistics infrastructure and the infrastructure that will support the export of approximately 1 trillion dollars in the long term. In particular, we aim to meet the load requirements of all corridor through Turkey, including the Silk Road. Thanks to the transit corridors passing through our country, we will enable our producers to gain export increasing advantages. We will ensure that logistics costs in production and consumption are minimized by reducing logistics losses and increasing our competitiveness. In addition, there will be other benefits. Ece

Trade Minister Pekcan, increasing the efficiency of logistics services in the plan, identification of alternative transportation routes and to conduct studies on the establishment of logistics centers that attract attention prioritization of issues such as Turkey, voiced their foreign trade policy and comports with the target.

Pekcan stated that efficient cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in logistics will continue and will increase. I think it will contribute. ” (Source: Ministry of Industry)

Turkey Railway Logistics Centers Map


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