Exactly Moment Photos Will Be Used As Course Material at ILEF

will be used as a course material for the photos of the moment
will be used as a course material for the photos of the moment

In his speech at the address of Minister Turhan, İbiş and Altun in his office, he said that the photographs deemed worthy of being exhibited at the “Türk Telekom Tam O An” photography contest last year will be exhibited at Ankara University Faculty of Communication.

Stating that these photographs will be used as materials in the faculty as well as exhibiting the photographs, Turhan stated that they intend to make the competition, which attracts great interest from students and citizens, at an international level. Turhan, "With the introduction of the beauties and values ​​of our country together with the art of photography, both art and our country will be served." said.

Turhan, the work done in the next process to watch, to oversee and evaluation fell to them, he said.

“Museums, exhibitions and collection competitions are the memory of society”

İbiş, the Rector of Ankara University, stated that they attach importance to the sociocultural development of their students and graduates and it is important to raise the awareness of culture and art underlying this.

Indicating that when this consciousness rises, humanity and the environment are integrated, İbiş said: “Such activities are social responsibility and important in terms of social awareness. In this context, I know how much our Minister pays attention. What you do especially about the disabled is very important for social awareness and social awareness. This is like his sequel. The fact that this takes place within the university will both give the opportunity of transferring the sensitivity of our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to the subject, and improve the interpretation and gaze of young people from the society. ” he spoke.

After the speeches, Minister Turhan presented the first elected photograph to Rector İbiş and Dean Altun in the "Tam O An" competition.

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