Visa Period for Elderly and Disabled Denizli Card

visa period for old and disabled marine card
visa period for old and disabled marine card

Visa Period for the Elderly and Disabled Denizli Card; The visa period has started for the other “Denizli Card” holders, aged 65 and over, who have been used by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for city bus transportation, who are disabled, and who benefit from transportation for free due to their legal rights. The deadline for the visa was announced as 30 December 2019.

65, which is offered by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality free of charge in urban transportation, has begun the visa period for the cards of elderly and disabled, disabled and other Denizli Card holders who can benefit from transportation due to their legal rights. Within this scope, it was announced that citizens of 65 age and over and disabled Denizli citizens who have the right to use Denizli Card free of charge, as well as other Denizli Card holders who benefit from the bus transportation free of charge due to their legal rights, need to have their cards issued by 30 December 2019. It is announced that 65 age and over will be able to carry out their visas by showing an official document such as identity card, driving license and identity card of Denizli Card holders.

Elderly and Disabled Denizli Card issuers attention

While it is stated that% 40 and over% disabled report photocopy (stamped as original) and 1 number passport photos are required to remove free Denizli Card for disabled persons, 65 copies photocopies (ID, driver's license ..) and 1 copies containing ID information for elderly people over and over. passport photo was required. The passport photos should be taken within the last 1 month.

Where is the visa procedure?

The visa procedures of the related citizens belong to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. Governorship Station (Former Special Administration) Card Filling Center, Bayramyeri Square Card Filling Center, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Building Card Filling Center, Bus Station Card Filling Center and PAU Card Filling Center. 30 December Denizli Card holders who do not have visa until 2019 will not be able to use their cards until they have completed the visa process.

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