No Vehicles to Occupy Sidewalks in Kocaeli

vehicles that occupy the pavements kocaelide no
vehicles that occupy the pavements kocaelide no

📩 23/12/2019 12:19

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Municipal Police teams in many parts of the city to provide peace and public order of citizens are working hard. Traffic Police teams, city-wide vehicles on the sidewalk vehicles continue to inspect for vehicles parked on. Citizens walking the pavement area of ​​the vehicles that apply criminal procedures to the vehicles occupying the car park also attracts Yediemin.


Izmit and Gebze districts in the city centers of the metropolitan traffic police teams tightly conducting their work, Kocaeli Police Department is conducting with the motorized units. Vehicles occupying the sidewalks, which are important for pedestrians to walk comfortably in the city center, are reported to the security forces and criminal procedures are applied. After the criminal process vehicles, Metropolitan Traffic Police Police teams are taken by the trustee parking lot. In addition to the penalties written in the violation of sidewalk violation of 50 TL parking fee is also paid.


Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams, pedestrians occupying the sidewalks allocated vehicles Traffic Law No. 2918 and the orders and prohibitions of the Municipality pulls the Yediemin Parking Lot. Sensitive citizens to avoid the occupation of pedestrian pavements, when they detect such a situation, the Metropolitan Municipality's call center can call 153.

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