Uzungöl Teleferic Implementation

Uzungöl Teleferic Implementation
Uzungöl Teleferic Implementation

Businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu is implementing the Uzungöl cable car project, which he has put on hold for a long time. Fettehoğlu, who started the excavation work, announced that the pole places were opened. Fettahoğlu said, "Hopefully, we will open two of the three stations in July."

The cable car project in Uzungöl, the world-famous tourism center, will be 3 thousand 540 meters long. In Uzungöl, which is located within the borders of Çaykara district of Trabzon and resembling a corn field 40 years ago, but has become a world-famous tourism center today, the cable car project, whose project was prepared in 2013, but whose construction was considered as a dream for 6 years, is finally coming to life.

Preparations have been completed in the areas where the poles will be located in the cable car project, whose main station is at the foot of the Kaçkar Mountains. In the 3-meter-long cable car, 540 trees were cut down for the places where the poles will come, not to damage the forest.

Şükrü Fettahoğlu, one of the partners of the ropeway project in Uzungöl, stated that they had started the project in 2013 and that they had the project approved in 2017. The first ropeway in the 3 station is planned to be commissioned first. The distance between these 2 stations is 2 km. 2,5 to be installed later. The total distance with the station will be 3 thousand 3 meters. Uzungöl cable car 540 10 wagon 40 will serve for months.

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