Izmir Without Barriers Signed Another Principle

unimpeded izmir undersigned another first
unimpeded izmir undersigned another first

Barrier-Free Izmir Has Signed Another Principle; Disabled council member Ahmet Uğur Baran is the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Tunç SoyerDeputizing for . Baran said that this practice is a first in Turkey.

İzmir broke new ground on December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, working to create a barrier-free Izmir Tunç SoyerWhile leaving the city, he entrusted the Presidency to Ahmet Uğur Baran, the first and only disabled council member of the Metropolitan Municipality. Baran, a parliament member from the Justice and Development Party, said, “On this special day, I represent our disabled citizens in Izmir and Turkey. This awareness, this step is very valuable for us. Tunç President also took this step and this was a first in Turkey.

Al Let's go out on the street ”

Baran, the main arteries of the disabled for the disabled in Izmir, but there are serious problems in the back streets, he said. Baran complained about the narrow sidewalks and sidewalk occupations. “This is not due to an institution or a person; For example, there is no distinction between engelli disabled woman, and engelli disabled man inde in the toilet of a cafeteria. However, I'm not pessimistic, we will solve them unanimously.

Izmir Barrier-Free Commission

Baran, who also chaired the Izmir Barrier-Free Commission in the Municipal Assembly, said that as the Commission, the most recent ESHOT buses offered a proposal for the study of whether the buses are suitable for all the obstacle groups. We decided on the method of implementation and the decision passed unanimously from the Parliament. We saw that this decision took its place in the ESHOT budget and we were very happy.

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