TÜVASAŞ 20 Drawings and Results

tuvasas high school graduate will make continuous labor purchases
tuvasas high school graduate will make continuous labor purchases

Out of the 20 thousand 2 people who applied to TÜVASAŞ, where 598 workers will be recruited, 103 of them will be interviewed. While the job candidates gathered at the social facility experienced great excitement during the ceremony, the draw system was applied for the first time to prevent claims of “cheating in recruitment”.
Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) 20 weeks ago, 2 workers will be hired to duyurmuştu.iş citizens who meet the criteria for purchases made on the website to enter the application via TEO work during this time.


A total of 20 2 people applied to İŞKUR, a 2-person staff quota opened in different parts of the factory within 575 weeks. To determine the names that will participate in the interview process, a lottery ceremony was held today at TÜVASAŞ Social Facilities.

88 people withdrew

The “draw” system was applied for the first time in these purchases made in order to prevent allegations of “cheating” in the interviews. The names of 2 thousand 575 people were put in bags at the ceremony and 88 names were drawn from them. The candidate workers, who came together in the facilities during the draw, experienced great excitement.


23 people on military duty in the east and southeast who were in a "priority" status were not included in the draw for recruitment. These names, together with the 88 people drawn in the lottery, were entitled to an interview. kazanadded to the list of moments. After the draw, 2 out of 598 thousand 103 people in total had their names written on the list for the interview.


Of the 20 workers who will enter the job, 3 are carpenters, 3 are mechanical technicians, 1 are electronic workers, 2 are electrical workers, 1 is engine test technician, 6 are automotive paint workers and 4 are rail systems workers. was announced to work. The process related to the interview will be determined in the coming days.

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Automotive Paint Worker For Draw Result Click here.

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