Railway Investment 137 billion 500 million lira in Turkey

Railway investments turkiyede billion million pounds
Railway investments turkiyede billion million pounds

Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Transport, maritime and communication services for the last 17 years, 757 billion 200 million pounds have been spent, the main goal is to create a balance between different modes of transport, he said.

Turhan said that they have invested 137 billion 500 million pounds in total in railways and that they have been considering neglected railways for years in order to provide a balanced distribution among the transportation types.

Turhan stated that they aim to increase the share of freight in railway and land transportation by 2 times and that they see railways as one of the most important rings of sustainable development moves and they have made intensive efforts to revive this neglected area for years.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on record that they make their re-state policy railways Turhan, they renovate all of the main lines of the existing 11 thousand 590-kilometer railway network, they renovate its infrastructure after 156 years between them, Turkey's first railway line, which explained that the Aydın-İzmir line.

Turhan pointed out that for the first time after 40 years, within the scope of the railway works, they connected a provincial center to the railway network with the Tekirdağ-Muratlı line, thereby reaching the railway of Tekirdağ Port.

Turhan reminiscent of the opening of the private sector of the railway, 1.213 kilometers of high-speed train line said.

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