Turkish Company Wins Bulgaria's Most Important Railway Tender

Turkish Company Wins Bulgaria's Most Important Railway Tender
Turkish Company Wins Bulgaria's Most Important Railway Tender

Cengiz Construction-Duygu Engineering Partnership won the tender of Elin Pelin Vakarel Railway Line, which is famous as the most difficult project in Bulgaria.

The tender price of the line, which is considered the most difficult construction project in Bulgaria in the last 70 year, is 255 million euros. The 20 kilometer line, which forms the most strategic part of the Bulgarian rail network, will be built by a partnership of Turkish companies.

DZZD Cen-Duy Railway Elin Pelin Business Partnership, established by Cengiz Construction and Duygu Engineering, won the tender for the 20 kilometer Elin Pelin-Vakarel Railway Line of the railway connecting Sofia to Plovdiv.

Approximately 1 billion euros have been allocated for the railway line, called the Sofia-Plovdiv line, by the Bulgarian National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC). The most important stage of the line is Elin Pelin-Vakarel section.

China in the bidding process, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Bulgaria 9 companies competed. Rope and Cengiz Construction and Duygu Engineering established DZZD Cen-Duy Railway Elin Pelin Business Partnership.

The 6 kilometer of the 20 kilometer railway line, which will be completed annually, consists of double tube and 7,68 tunnel construction.

The new Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) will be the longest railway tunnel in Bulgaria.

In addition to these tunnels, 8 bridges, 11 culverts and settlements will be built with 700 meters. In addition, Elin Pelin new station building and Pobit Kamık station will be constructed within the scope of the project, while Vakarel Station and its environs will be reorganized. The signaling and video surveillance systems of the 20 kilometer line will also be established by the partnership.

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