Minister Turhan Sends Special Needs Individuals to Konya with YHT

turhan private individuals with special needs yur
turhan private individuals with special needs yur

In the third step of the im Let's Listen to Our Children Let's Change Their Life ”Project, Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Ali İhsan Uygun, General Manager of TCDD, Kamuran Yazıcı, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, Osman Arslan, General Manager of Halkbank, Rector of Ankara University. Dr. Erkan İbiş and those accompanying him at the ceremony held on 24.12.2019 at the YHT Station in Ankara.

In his speech, Minister Turhan stated that they have carried out important activities in order to ensure that children with disabilities are more involved in social life and participate in economic life and said, olarak As the Ministry, we make the necessary arrangements for the inclusion of disabled citizens in life and making the best use of transportation services. We strive to take measures to help disabled people during their travels. ”

Turhan pointed out that they are working with a human-centered service concept and that they employ people who will support the difficulties of the citizens with disabilities with the Orange Table service, which is started especially in high-speed train travels, and that they aim to expand these services in other areas. Turhan pointed out the sensitivity of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on this issue and thanked those who contributed to the service.

Turhan stressed that they will develop and maintain the necessary arrangements for taking all kinds of physical and humanitarian aid measures. Minister Turhan, disabled people to take part in social life more free, over the age of 65 offered the possibility of cheap travel reminded.

Turhan stated that railroads were organized for the purpose of introducing the beauties in every region of the country and reminded that the Eastern Express from Ankara to Kars, which was made for transportation purposes, also started to operate for tourism purposes this year. Turhan, in this context, citizens found the opportunity to tour the cities, the application of different parts of the country said they think to spread.

Turhan, who is interested in children who will travel, gave information about the places they can visit in Konya.

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